The Rose-Jar

The Rose-Jar

By Thomas S. (Thomas Samuel) Jones
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Table of Contents
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  • The Rose-Jar
    • As in a Rose-Jar
    • The Island
    • You and I
    • A Ballade of Old Romance
    • A Voice From the Far Away
    • April
    • A Yesterday
    • Violets
    • A Song of Life
    • As a Still Brook
    • At the Window
    • A Sea Spell
    • The Silent Country
    • The Sport of a God
    • Remembrance
    • In Days of Old
    • We Once Built a House o’ Dreams
    • A Song of the Way
    • In Trinity Church-Yard at Sunset
    • Where Cross-Roads Part
    • Saida
    • In Arcady
    • The Summer Rain
    • Impression
    • Derelicts
    • The End of the Day
    • Tristesse
    • Interlude
    • To You, Dear Heart
    • Twilight
    • The Poet
    • The Hunchback
    • The Little Ghosts
    • I Know a Quiet Vale
    • Song
    • Immutability
    • In the Fall o’ Year
    • Love’s Song
    • The Golden Hour
    • The Dream-Way
    • The Spirit of Autumn
    • On The Long Road
    • A Postlude
    • An Old Song
    • Old Roses
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