Georgian Poetry 1916-1917

By Unknown
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Georgian Poetry
  • Prefatory Note
  • W. J. Turner
    • Romance
    • Ecstasy
    • Magic
    • The Hunter
    • The Sky-sent Death
    • The Caves of Auvergne
  • James Stephens
    • The Fifteen Acres
    • Check
    • Westland Row
    • The Turn of the Road
    • A Visit from Abroad
  • J. C. Squire
    • A House
    • To a Bull-Dog
    • The Lily of Malud
  • Siegfried Sassoon
    • A Letter Home
    • The Kiss
    • The Dragon and the Undying
    • To Victory
    • 'They'
    • 'In the Pink'
    • Haunted
    • The Death-Bed
  • I. Rosenberg
    • 'Ah, Koelue ...'
  • Robert Nichols
    • To ——
    • The Assault
    • Fulfilment
    • The Philosopher's Oration
    • The Naiads' Music
    • The Prophetic Bard's Oration
    • The Tower
  • Harold Monro
    • Two Poems
    • Every Thing
    • Solitude
    • Week-End
    • The Bird at Dawn
  • John Masefield
    • Seven Poems
  • Ralph Hodgson
    • The Gipsy Girl
    • The Bells of Heaven
    • Babylon
  • Robert Graves
    • It's a Queer Time
    • David and Goliath
    • A Pinch of Salt
    • Star Talk
    • In the Wilderness
    • The Boy in Church
    • The Lady Visitor
    • Not Dead
  • Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
    • Rupert Brooke
    • Tenants
    • For G.
    • Sea Change
    • Battle
    • Lament
  • John Freeman
    • Music Comes
    • November Skies
    • Discovery
    • 'It was the Lovely Moon'
    • Stone Trees
    • The Pigeons
    • Happy is England Now
  • John Drinkwater
    • May Garden
    • The Midlands
    • The Cotswold Farmers
    • In Woods and Meadows
    • Reciprocity
    • Birthright
    • Olton Pools
  • Walter de la Mare
    • The Scribe
    • The Remonstrance
    • The Ghost
    • The Fool Rings His Bells
  • William H. Davies
    • The White Cascade
    • Easter
    • Raptures
    • Cowslips and Larks
  • Gordon Bottomley
    • Atlantis
    • New Year's Eve, 1913
    • In Memoriam, A. M. W.
  • Maurice Baring
    • In Memoriam, A. H.
  • Herbert Asquith
    • The Volunteer
  • Bibliography
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