Persephone of Eleusis / A Romance of Ancient Greece

Persephone of Eleusis / A Romance of Ancient Greece

By Clare Winger Harris
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  • Persephone of Eleusis A Romance of Ancient Greece
    • Preface
    • Contents
    • CHAPTER I. At the Hot Gates.
    • CHAPTER II. “Remember the Athenians.”
    • CHAPTER III. The Defense on the Acropolis.
    • CHAPTER IV. The Miracle of Salamis.
    • CHAPTER V. The Traitor of Thermopylæ.
    • CHAPTER VI. Athena Speaks Through the Olive Branch.
    • CHAPTER VII. The Banquet of Attaginus.
    • CHAPTER VIII. Masistius’ Message to Zopyrus.
    • CHAPTER IX. The Rescue of Ladice.
    • CHAPTER X. A Venture At the Eve of Battle.
    • CHAPTER XI. A Hero of Platæa.
    • CHAPTER XII. The Prophet At Delphi.
    • CHAPTER XIII. The House of Pasicles.
    • CHAPTER XIV. Beyond the Dipylon Gate.
    • CHAPTER XV. What Happened at the Theatre of Dionysus.
    • CHAPTER XVI. The Celebration of the Mysteries.
    • CHAPTER XVII. Persephone.
    • CHAPTER XVIII. Agne’s Advice.
    • CHAPTER XIX. Ephialtes’ Plot.
    • CHAPTER XX. The Ward of Themistocles.
    • CHAPTER XXI. In the Shadow of the Acropolis.
    • CHAPTER XXII. A Letter From Sicily.
    • CHAPTER XXIII. The Festivities At Naxos.
    • CHAPTER XXIV. Dionysus and Ariadne.
    • CHAPTER XXV. A Revelation.
    • CHAPTER XXVI. The Home of Aeschylus.
    • CHAPTER XXVII. The Allied Fleet Sails.
    • CHAPTER XXVIII. The Hand of Fate.
    • CHAPTER XXIX. After Twenty Years.
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