The Emigrants Of Ahadarra The Works of William Carleton, Volume Two

By William Carleton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I.—A strong Farmer's Establishment and Family.
  • CHAPTER II.—Gerald Cavanagh and his Family
    • —Tom M'Mahon's return from Dublin.
  • CHAPTER III.—Jemmy Burke Refuses to be, Made a Fool Of
    • —Hycy and a Confidant
  • CHAPTER IV.—A Poteen Still-House at Midnight—Its Inmates.
  • CHAPTER V.—Who Robbed Jemmy Burke?
  • CHAPTEE VI.—Nanny Peety looks mysterious
    • —Hycy proves himself a good Judge of Horse-Flesh.
  • CHAPTER VII.—The Spinster's Kemp.
  • CHAPTER VIII.—Anonymous Letter with a Name to It
    • —Finigan's Dialogue with Hycy
  • CHAPTER IX.—A Little Polities, Much Friendship, and Some Mystery
  • CHAPTER X.—More of the Hycy Correspondence
    • A Family Debate—Honest Speculations.
  • CHAPTEE XI.—Death of a Virtuous Mother.
  • CHAPTER XII.—Hycy Concerts a Plot and is urged to Marry.
  • CHAPTER XIII.—Mrs. M'Mahon's Funeral.
  • CHAPTER XIV.—Mysterious Letter
    • —Hycy Disclaims Sobriety—Ahadarra's in for it.
  • CHAPTER XV.—State of the Country
  • CHAPTER XVI.—A Spar Between Kate and Philip Hogan
  • CHAPTER XVII.—Interview between Hycy and Finigan
    • —The Former Propones for Miss Clinton—A love Scene
  • CHAPTER XVIII.—A Family Dialogue
    • —Ahadarra not in for it—Bryan's Vote.
  • CHAPTER XIX.—Bryan Bribed—is Rejected by Kathleen.
  • CHAPTER XX.—M'Mahon is Denounced from the Altar
    • —Receives his Sentence from Kathleen, and Resolves to Emigrate.
  • CHAPTER XXI.—Thomas M'Mahon is forced to determine on Emigration.
  • CHAPTER XII.—Mystery Among the Hogans
    • —Finigan Defends the Absent.
  • CHAPTER XXIII.—Harry Clinton's Benevolence Defeated
  • CHAPTER XXIV.—Thoughts on Our Country and Our Countrymen
    • —Dora and Her Lover.
  • CHAPTER XXV.—The Old Places—Death of a Patriarch.
  • CHAPTEE XXVI.—Containing a Variety of Matters.
  • CHAPTER XXVII.—Conclusion.
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