Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1

By E. W. (Edward William) Cole
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Page 1—Australia
  • Page 2—Cole's Funny Picture Book
    • Page 3—Index
    • Page 4—Baby Rhymes
    • Page 5—Baby Rhymes
    • Page 6—Children's Rhymes
    • Page 7—Children's Rhymes
    • Page 8—Little Children's Stories
    • Page 9—Children's Rhymes
    • Page 10—Girl Land
    • Page 11—Girl Land
    • Page 12—Naughty Girls
    • Page 13—Naughty Girls
    • Page 14—Naughty Girls
    • Page 15—Naughty Girls
    • Page 16—Girl's Stories
    • Page 17—Girl's Stories
    • Page 18—Girl Land
    • Page 19—Girl Land
    • Page 20—Girl Land
    • Page 21—Girl Land
    • Page 22—Girl Land
    • Page 23—Girl Land
    • Page 24—Girl Land
    • Page 25—Girl Land
    • Page 26—Good Girls
    • Page 27—Girl Land
    • Page 28—Ruby Cole And Her Clever Frog
    • Page 29—Vally Cole And His Clever Dog
    • Page 30—Boy's Stories
    • Page 31—Boy Land
    • Page 32—Boy Land
    • Page 33—Boy Land
    • Page 34—Naughty Boys
    • Page 35—Boy Land
    • Page 36
    • Page 37
    • Page 38—Boy Land
    • Page 39—Boy Land
    • Page 40—Whipping Machine
    • Page 41—Whipping Machine
    • Page 42—Dolly Land
    • Page 43—Dolly Land
    • Page 44—Dolly Land
    • Page 45—Dolly Land
    • Page 46—Dolly Land
    • Page 47—Dolly Land
    • Page 48—Dolly Land
    • Page 49—Dolly Land
    • Page 50—Dolly Land
    • Page 51—Dolly Land
    • Page 52—Dolly Land
    • Page 53—Dolly Land
    • Page 54—Dolly Land
    • Page 55—A Lady Making Dolls
    • Page 56—Name Land
    • Page 57—Name Land
    • Page 58—Temper Land
    • Page 59—Temper Land
    • Page 60—Naughtiness Land
    • Page 61—Naughtiness Land
    • Page 62—Pride Land
    • Page 63—Pride Land
    • Page 64—Naughtiness Land
    • Page 65—Greediness Land
    • Page 66—Lying Land
    • Page 67—Laziness Land
    • Page 68—Laziness Land
    • Page 69—Laziness Land
    • Page 70—Cruelty Land
    • Page 71—Stealing Land
    • Page 72—Stealing Land
    • Page 73—Stealing Land
    • Page 74—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 75—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 76—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 77—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 78—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 79—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 80—Santa Claus Land
    • Page 81—Play Land
    • Page 82—Play Land
    • Page 83—Play Land
    • Page 84—Play Land
    • Page 85—Play Land
    • Page 86—Play Land
    • Page 87—Play Land
    • Page 88—Play Land
    • Page 89—Play Land
    • Page 90—Reading Land
    • Page 91—Reading Land
    • Page 92—Writing Land
    • Page 93—Writing Land
    • Page 94—Writing Land
    • Page 95—Drawing Land
    • Page 96—Drawing Land
    • Page 97—Drawing Land
    • Page 98—Drawing Land
    • Page 99—Drawing Land
    • Page 100—Old Men Tales
    • Page 101—Old Men Tales
    • Page 102—Old Men Tales
    • Page 103—Old Men Tales
    • Page 104—Song Of The Book Arcade
    • Page 105—Value Of Books
    • Page 106—Old Woman Tales
    • Page 107—Old Woman Tales
    • Page 108—Old Woman Tales
    • Page 109—Strange History of Twenty-Six Funny Women
    • Page 110—Forty Ways Of Travelling
    • Page 111—Forty Ways Of Travelling
    • Page 112—Forty Ways Of Travelling
    • Page 113—Forty Ways Of Travelling
    • Page 114—Miss Cole's Aerial Flight in a Flying Machine
    • Page 115—Miss Cole's Aerial Flight in a Flying Machine
    • Page 116—Various Early Types of Aeroplanes
    • Page 117—Various Early Types of Aeroplanes
    • Page 118—Girls Names
    • Page 119—Boys Names
    • Page 120—Game Land
    • Page 121—Game Land
    • Page 122—Game Land
    • Page 123—Game Land
    • Page 124—Riddles And Catches
    • Page 125—Riddles And Catches
    • Page 126—Riddles And Catches
    • Page 127—Riddles And Catches
    • Page 128—Ten Picture Puzzles
    • Page 129—Ten Picture Puzzles
    • Page 130—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 131—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 132—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 133—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 134—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 135—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 136—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 137—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 138—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 139—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 140—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 141—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 142—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 143—Picture Puzzle Land
    • Page 144—Shadows On The Wall
    • Page 145—The Deaf And Dumb Alphabet
    • Page 146—Language Of Flowers
    • Page 147—Kindness To Animals
    • Page 148—Funny Australian Natives
    • Page 149—Funny Australian Natives
    • Page 150—Pussy Land
    • Page 151—Pussy Land
    • Page 152—Pussy Land
    • Page 153—Pussy Land
    • Page 154—Pussy Land
    • Page 155—More Pussy Land
    • Page 156—More Pussy Land
    • Page 157—More Pussy Land
    • Page 158—More Pussy Land
    • Page 159—More Pussy Land
    • Page 160—More Pussy Land
    • Page 161—More Pussy Land
    • Page 162—Doggy Land
    • Page 163—Doggy Land
    • Page 164—Goat Land
    • Page 165—Monkey Land
    • Page 166—Gee Gee Land
    • Page 167—Gee Gee Land
    • Page 168—Gee Gee Land
    • Page 169—Donkey Land
    • Page 170—Moo Moo Land
    • Page 171—Moo Moo Land
    • Page 172—Baa Baa Land
    • Page 173—Baa Baa Land
    • Page 174—Piggy Land
    • Page 175—Piggy Land
    • Page 176—Piggy Land
    • Page 177—Piggy Land
    • Page 178—Rabbit Land
    • Page 179—Hare Land
    • Page 180—Rat Land
    • Page 181—Rat Land
    • Page 182—Mousey Land
    • Page 183—Mousey Land
    • Page 184—Froggy Land
    • Page 185—Froggy Land
    • Page 186—Mixed Animal Land
    • Page 187—Mixed Animal Land
    • Page 188—Squirrel Land
    • Page 189—Wonderful Bird Nests
    • Page 190—Cole's Poems On Books
    • Page 191—Comic Advertiser
    • Page 192—Comic Advertiser
    • Page 193—Comic Advertiser
    • Page 194—Comic Advertiser
    • Page 195—Comic Advertiser
    • Page 196—Wonderful Sea Serpent
    • Page 197—Funny and Foolish Dress Land
    • Page 198—Funny and Foolish Dress Land
    • Page 199—Funny, Foolish, and Useful Fashions
    • Page 200—Useful Fashions
    • Page 201—Funny, Foolish, and Useful Fashions
    • Page 202—Boy Smoking
    • Page 203—Smoking Land
    • Page 204—Narcotics and Intoxicants
    • Page 205—Pipes of the World
    • Page 206—The Supreme Being
    • Back Cover
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