Rootabaga pigeons

Rootabaga pigeons

By Carl Sandburg
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • 1. Two Stories Told by the Potato Face Blind Man.
    • The Skyscraper to the Moon and How the Green Rat with the Rheumatism Ran a Thousand Miles Twice
    • Slipfoot and How He Nearly Always Never Gets What He Goes After
  • 2. Two Stories About Bugs and Eggs.
    • Many, Many Weddings in One Corner House
    • Shush Shush, the Big Buff Banty Hen Who Laid an Egg in the Postmaster’s Hat
  • 3. Five Stories About Hatrack the Horse, Six Pigeons, Three Wild Babylonian Baboons, Six Umbrellas, Bozo the Button Buster.
    • How Rag Bag Mammy Kept Her Secret While the Wind Blew Away the Village of Hat Pins
    • How Six Pigeons Came Back to Hatrack the Horse After Many Accidents and Six Telegrams
    • How the Three Wild Babylonian Baboons Went Away in the Rain Eating Bread and Butter
    • How Six Umbrellas Took Off Their Straw Hats to Show Respect to the One Big Umbrella
    • How Bozo the Button Buster Busted All His Buttons When a Mouse Came
  • 4. Two Stories About Four Boys Who Had Different Dreams.
    • How Googler and Gaggler, the Two Christmas Babies, Came Home with Monkey Wrenches
      • 1
      • 2
    • How Johnny the Wham Sleeps in Money All the Time and Joe the Wimp Shines and Sees Things
  • 5. Two Stories Told by the Potato Face Blind Man About Two Girls with Red Hearts.
    • How Deep Red Roses Goes Back and Forth Between the Clock and the Looking Glass
    • How Pink Peony Sent Spuds, the Ballplayer, Up to Pick Four Moons
  • 6. Three Stories About Moonlight, Pigeons, Bees, Egypt, Jesse James, Spanish Onions, the Queen of the Cracked Heads, the King of the Paper Sacks.
    • How Dippy the Wisp and Slip Me Liz Came in the Moonshine Where the Potato Face Blind Man Sat with His Accordion
    • How Hot Balloons and His Pigeon Daughters Crossed Over into the Rootabaga Country
    • How Two Sweetheart Dippies Sat in the Moonlight on a Lumber Yard Fence and Heard About the Sooners and the Boomers
  • 7. Two Stories Out of the Tall Grass.
    • The Haystack Cricket and How Things Are Different Up in the Moon Towns
    • Why the Big Ball Game Between Hot Grounders and the Grand Standers Was a Hot Game
  • 8. Two Stories Out of Oklahoma and Nebraska.
    • The Huckabuck Family and How They Raised Pop Corn in Nebraska and Quit and Came Back
    • Yang Yang and Hoo Hoo, or the Song of the Left Foot of the Shadow of the Goose in Oklahoma
  • 9. One Story About Big People Now and Little People Long Ago.
    • How a Skyscraper and a Railroad Train Got Picked Up and Carried Away from Pig’s Eye Valley Far in the Pickax Mountains
  • 10. Three Stories About the Letter X and How It Got into the Alphabet.
    • Pig Wisps
    • Kiss Me
    • Blue Silver
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