Adrift in New York: Tom and Florence Braving the World

By Horatio Alger
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Project Gutenberg eBook, Adrift in New York, by Horatio Alger
    • E-text prepared by George Smith
  • Chapter I.
    • The Missing Heir.
  • Chapter II.
    • A Stranger Visitor.
  • Chapter III.
    • An Unholy Compact.
  • Chapter IV.
    • Florence.
  • Chapter V.
    • Dodger.
  • Chapter VI.
    • A Tempest.
  • Chapter VII.
    • Florence Leaves Home.
  • Chapter VIII.
    • A Friendly Compact.
  • Chapter IX.
    • The New Home.
  • Chapter X.
    • The Arch Conspirator.
  • Chapter XI.
    • Florence Secures Employment.
  • Chapter XII.
    • A Friend, Though A Dude.
  • Chapter XIII.
    • Tim Bolton’s Saloon.
  • Chapter XIV.
    • The Missing Will.
  • Chapter XV.
    • The New Governess.
  • Chapter XVI.
    • Dodger Becomes Ambitious.
  • Chapter XVII.
    • A Mysterious Adventure.
  • Chapter XVIII.
    • In A Trap.
  • Chapter XIX.
    • An Attempt To Escape.
  • Chapter XX.
    • A Midnight Ride.
  • Chapter XXI.
    • A Seasick Passenger.
  • Chapter XXII.
    • The Other Passenger.
  • Chapter XXIII.
    • Through The Golden Gate.
  • Chapter XXIV.
    • Florence In Suspense.
  • Chapter XXV.
    • Finding The Clew.
  • Chapter XXVI.
    • Bolton Makes A Discovery.
  • Chapter XXVII.
    • Dodger Strikes Luck.
  • Chapter XXVIII.
    • Florence Receives A Letter.
  • Chapter XXIX.
    • Mrs. Leighton’s Party.
  • Chapter XXX.
    • Florence Is Followed Home.
  • Chapter XXXI.
    • Florence Is Discharged.
  • Chapter XXXII.
    • An Exciting Adventure.
  • Chapter XXXIII.
    • An Important Discovery.
  • Chapter XXXIV.
    • Just In Time.
  • Chapter XXXV.
    • The Darkest Day.
  • Chapter XXXVI.
    • Mrs. O’Keefe In A New Role.
  • Chapter XXXVII.
    • The Diplomacy Of Mrs. O’Keefe.
  • Chapter XXXVIII.
    • The Closing Scene.
      • Transcriber’s Notes
    • Transcriber’s Notes
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