The Yosemite

The Yosemite

By John Muir
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Yosemite by John Muir
  • Acknowledgment
    • Contents
  • Chapter 1 The Approach to the Valley
    • The Sierra From The West
    • Characteristics Of The Cañons
    • The Incomparable Yosemite
    • The Approach To The Valley
    • The First View: The Bridal Veil
    • General Features Of The Valley
    • The Upper Cañons
    • Natural Features Near The Valley
    • Down The Yosemite Creek
    • The Yosemite Fall
    • A Wonderful Ascent
    • The Grandeur Of The Yosemite Fall
    • The Nevada Fall
    • The Vernal Fall
    • The Illilouette Fall
    • The Minor Falls
    • The Beauty Of The Rainbows
    • An Unexpected Adventure
    • Climate And Weather
    • Winter Beauty Of The Valley
    • Exploring An Ice Cone
  • Chapter 2 Winter Storms and Spring Floods
    • An Extraordinary Storm And Flood
  • Chapter 3 Snow-Storms
    • Avalanches
    • A Ride On An Avalanche
    • The Streams In Other Seasons
  • Chapter 4 Snow Banners
    • A Wonderful Winter Scene
    • Earthquake Storms
  • Chapter 5 The Trees of the Valley
  • Chapter 6 The Forest Trees in General
    • The Sugar Pine, King Of Pine Trees
    • The Yellow Or Silver Pine
    • The Douglas Spruce
    • The Incense Cedar
    • The Silver Firs
    • The Two-Leaved Pine
    • The Mountain Pine
    • The Western Juniper
    • The Mountain Hemlock
    • The White-Bark Pine
    • The Nut Pine
  • Chapter 7 The Big Trees
  • Chapter 8 The Flowers
  • Chapter 9 The Birds
  • Chapter 10 The South Dome
  • Chapter 11 The Ancient Yosemite Glaciers: How the Valley Was Formed
  • Chapter 12 How Best to Spend One's Yosemite Time
    • One-Day Excursions No. 1.
    • One-Day Excursions No. 2.
    • Two-Day Excursions No. 1.
    • Two-Day Excursions No. 2.
    • A Three-Day Excursion
    • The Upper Tuolumne Excursion
    • Other Trips From The Valley
  • Chapter 13 Early History Of The Valley
  • Chapter 14 Lamon
  • Chapter 15 Galen Clark
  • Chapter 16 Hetch Hetchy Valley
  • Appendix A Legislation About the Yosemite
  • Appendix B Table of Distances
  • Appendix C Maximum Rates for Transportation
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