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A Boy Named Ossie: School Edition
Dr. Earl McKenzie
Education & Teaching
A Boy Named Ossie: School Edition
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Written with freshness, humour and charm, these imaginative stories are about Ossie Johnson, a boy growing up in rural Jamaica.

He discovers his district’s educational system, economic life, religion, politics, folklore, rituals and pastimes as well as its fears and terrors.

They also lead him to wrestle with deep moral issues. He encounters extraordinary individuals, including a man who is an acrobat in body and character, a faith healer, a farmer who transports bees on his body, a higgler who is completely deaf, and a female stonebreaker who loves to watch kites flying.

This, the school edition, contains questions and activities for each story, and aids both student and teacher in gaining a comprehensive understanding of this classic anthology.

Some key features:
• Credible characters, conflict and plot development throughout the stories.
• Many different story themes and sub-themes are explored.
• Engaging storylines make reading enjoyable and rewarding for young readers.
• Wide variety of challenging and interesting

Bobbing Jones
A Voting Man
The Bamboo Fife
Cricket Season
Brother Paul
The Sexton
The Kite
Ripe Bananas
Mango Ridge
The Reading Tree
Wet Sugar
The Parakeets
Fear of the Sea
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