Oxford IB Skills and Practice: Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma

Oxford IB Skills and Practice: Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma

By Jill Rutherford, Sara Santrampurwala, Kosta Lekanides, Adam Rothwell, Roz Trudgon
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Book Description

Providing a solid grounding for TOK assessment, this focused skills development tool is exactly mapped to the 2013 syllabus for SL and HL and will build TOK confidence right from the start. Ensuring learners fully understand Knowledge claims, the Areas of knowledge and Ways of knowing, students will actively employ their skills, developing a strong foundation to draw on in assessment. Learners will develop the ability to contextualise knowledge claims within distinct
intellectual movements and cultural factors, sharpening critical and independent thought. Step-by-step guidance on TOK essays and presentations support top achievement, while real-world connections keep learning fresh and fully in line with the learner profile.

Build a strong TOK learning base that will help students confidently tackle the complex TOK ideas

Focus on developing all the crucial skills with a practical learning scaffold to progress student confidence and achievement

Develop confidence right from the start and ensure comprehensive, assured understanding

Demonstrate best practice with sample student material that connects all the concepts and supports top achievement

Support learners through the 2013 syllabus - comprehensive syllabus match that fully covers all the new AOKs, WOKs and more

Build strong assessment potential with targeted skills work to ensure learners can apply TOK skills in subject assessments

Designed to support the TOK Course Book

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • A word on the approach and thanks
  • SECTION 1: Introduction
    • What is this book for?
    • What is knowledge?
    • What TOK can do for you
    • What do you have to do for TOK?
  • SECTION 2: TOK terms and skills
    • Introduction: the ‘Think TOK’ process
    • Real-life situations
    • Knowledge claims
    • Shared and personal knowledge
    • Knowledge frameworks
    • Knowledge questions
  • SECTION 3: Applying TOK skills
    • Application of the Think TOK process
    • 1. Faith healing
    • 2. Poetry as history
    • 3. Taboos
    • 4. Memory and Food
    • 5. Genetic engineering and ethics
    • 6. Motherhood
  • SECTION 4: Towards assessment
    • Assessment requirements
    • TOK essays
    • TOK presentations
  • SECTION 5: Big ideas
    • A summary of some big ideas and people that have shaped our world.
  • SECTION 6: TOKOPOLIS – the game of taming TOK
    • If TOK is too abstract for you, at the end of this book you’ll find a…
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  • Back Cover
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