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KS3 History: Technology, War and Independence 1901-Present Day
Aaron Wilkes
KS3 History: Technology, War and Independence 1901-Present Day
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Written to match the new 2014 National Curriculum with expert support from experienced Head of History, Aaron Wilkes, the third editions of this well-loved series will hook your students' interest in KS3 History whilst helping them prepare for GCSE. Technology, War and Independence 1901-Present Day is the fourth of four new third editions, and covers: the twentieth century including the Great War, Britain between the wars, the Second World War, post-war Britain, the
end of the British Empire, global issues and change over time.

Front Cover
Title Page
1.1A Britain and the world in 1901
1.2 How was poverty attacked?
1.3 Why is the Titanic so famous?
1.4 Who or what was to blame for the Titanic disaster?
1.5A Who were the suffragettes?
1.6 Did Emily Davison mean to kill herself?
2.1A Why did the Great War start?
2.2A Joining up
2.3A Fighting in the war
2.4 Weapons of war
2.5A Was it right to shoot Harry Farr?
2.6 Soldiers of Empire
2.7 How did the war affect ordinary citizens?
2.8 How did ‘Poppy Day’ start?
2.9 How did countries try to avoid anymore wars?
Assessing Your Learning 1
3.1A Was the Great War worth winning?
3.2 Independence in Ireland
3.3A The ‘Hungry Thirties’
4.2A Two types of dictatorship
4.3A Adolf Hitler: choirboy,artist, tramp, soldier,politician
4.4A What was life like in Hitler’s Germany?
4.5A Why was there another world war?
5.1A The Second World War: an overview
5.2A Dunkirk: victory or disaster?
5.3A Who were the Few’?
5.4A ‘Mr and Mrs Jones would like a nice little boy’
5.5 Total war
5.6A Sir Arthur Harris: war hero or war criminal?
5.7A Why is Winston Churchill on a £5 note?
5.8A What was a death camp like?
5.9 The war goes nuclear
5.10 A United Nations
Assessing Your Learning 2
6.1 Why don’t we pay tosee a doctor?
6.2A Why was there a Cold War?
6.3A Did man really land on the moon?
6.4 A united Europe
7.1A Independence for India
7.2A Independence for Africa
7.3 How has immigration changed Britain?
7.4 What was so special about the Windrush ?
7.5 Multicultural Britain
8.1 The fifties
8.2 The sixties
8.3 The seventies
8.4 The eighties
8.5 The nineties
8.6 The noughties
Assessing Your Learning 3
9.1 The McDonald’s story
9.2A What is ‘terrorism’?
9.3A What can Rebecca do that Laura couldn’t?
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