Complete ICT for Cambridge IGCSE®

Complete ICT for Cambridge IGCSE®

By Stephen Doyle
US$ 36.24
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Book Description

A highly practical and visual approach to the latest Cambridge IGCSE ICT syllabus that develops students' confidence step by step. Now updated for the latest Cambridge syllabus for first examination in 2016, it has been written to build confidence for both the practical and written assessments. Ensure extensive exam preparation with Stephen Doyle, who has over 30 years experience of teaching, examining and assessing ICT at all levels. His practical approach is
trusted by teachers around the world to support achievement. To strengthen students' assessment potential, interactive tests are included via online access. This new edition of Complete ICT is available as a print book, an online book, or a print and online package, so you can choose the format that is
right for you.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction to Complete ICT for Cambridge IGCSE® 2nd Edition
  • 1 Types and components of computer systems
  • 2 Input and output devices
  • 3 Storage devices and media
  • 4 Networks and the effects of using them
  • 5 The effects of using IT
  • 6 ICT applications
  • 7 The systems life cycle
  • 8 Safety and security
  • 9 Audience
  • 10 Communication
  • 11 File management
  • 12 Images
  • 13 Layout
  • 14 Styles
  • 15 Proofing
  • 16 Graphs and charts
  • 17 Document production
  • 18 Data manipulation
  • 19 Presentations
  • 20 Data analysis
  • 21 Website authoring
  • Glossary
  • Complete ICT for IGCSE: Index
  • Back Cover
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