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Nelson Key Geography Foundations
David Waugh, Tony Bushell
Nelson Key Geography Foundations
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This newest edition of David Waugh and Tony Bushell's Key Geography provides the support you need to deliver the 2014 KS3 Programme of Study. Suitable for all abilities, the student books and new Kerboodle online resources focus on developing key geographical skills and techniques to prepare students for Key Stage 4. Foundations includes chapters on Weather and Climate and Kenya and Africa. Answers to activities can be found in the Foundations Teacher's

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Title Page
What is geography?
1 Your passport to the world
What is physical geography and …
… what is human geography?
What is environmental geography?
How can we find out where places are?
How can we use graphs in geography?
What is the value and use of geography?
Weather and climate
2 How can the weather affect us?
How might you observe and record the weather?
How can local features affect temperature and wind?
What is Britain’s weather?
How does it rain?
Forecasting the weather – anticyclones
Forecasting the weather – depressions
River flooding
3 Why is flooding a problem?
What causes a river to flood?
Floods in the UK, 2012
How does the UK cope with floods?
How can the risk of flooding be reduced?
4 What are settlements like?
How were the sites for early settlements chosen?
What different settlement patterns are there?
How do settlements change with time?
What are the benefits and problems of settlement growth?
Why are there different land use patterns in towns?
Why does land use in towns change?
Where do we shop?
How has shopping changed?
Traffic in urban areas – why is it a problem?
Traffic in urban areas – is there a solution?
Where should the by-pass go?
Kenya and Africa
5 What is Kenya like?
What are Africa’s main physical features?
What are Africa’s main human features?
What are Kenya’s main features?
What are Kenya’s main physical features?
Why is Kenya’s population unevenly spread?
Present-day movements of population
What is it like living in Nairobi?
What is the Maasai way of life?
What is a developing country?
Ordnance survey maps
6 How can we show direction?
How can we measure distance?
What are grid references?
How do we use six figure grid references?
How is height shown on a map?
How do contours show height and relief?
Key skills: writing and photos
7 How can we use key questions?
How can we describe places?
What are key words and key sentences?
How can we describe physical features on a photo?
How can we use photos to study settlements?
What do aerial photos show?
How can we use satellite photos?
Glossary and Index
Key for Ordnance Survey 1: 50,000
The United Kingdom
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