Oxford University Press
MYP Biology Years 4 & 5
David Mindorff, Andrew Allott
MYP Biology Years 4 & 5
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Drive achievement in the MYP and strengthen scientific confidence. Equipping learners with the confident scientific understanding central to progression through the MYP Sciences, this text is fully matched to the Next Chapter curriculum. The inquiry-based structure immerses learners in a concept-based approach, strengthening performance. Develop comprehensive scientific knowledge underpinned by rich conceptual awareness, equipping learners with the confidence to handle new ideas Fully integrate a concept-based approach with an inquiry-based structure that drives independent thinking Build flexibility interwoven global contexts enable big picture understanding and ensure students can apply learning to new areas Fully mapped to the Next Chapter curriculum and supports the Common Core Strengthen potential in the MYP eAssessment and prepare learners for IB Diploma

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Topics overview
1 Energy
2 Transformation
3 Form
4 Function
5 Movement
6 Interaction
7 Balance
8 Environment
9 Patterns
10 Consequences
11 Evidence
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