Oxford International AQA Examinations: International A Level English Literature

Oxford International AQA Examinations: International A Level English Literature

By Adrian Beard, Graham Elsdon, Pete Bunten
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Book Description

The only textbook that completely covers Oxford AQA International AS & A Level English Literature (9675), for first teaching in September 2017. Written by experienced authors who have contributed to the specification, the international approach develops reading, writing and critical thinking skills, supporting exam success and providing an excellent grounding for further study at university. This textbook ensures students are fully prepared for their exams with
full support and guidance on the variety of assessment styles used in the specification, including passage-based questions, unseen material, and open and closed book approaches. Packed with examples of traditional and contemporary prose, drama and poetry, plus set and unseen texts, this textbook develops
the key skills required to critically analyse, evaluate and respond to different types of literature.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title page
  • Contents
  • How to use this book
  • An introduction to the Oxford International AQA English Literature specification
  • 1 An introduction to the specification
  • 2 An introduction to aspects of dramatic tragedy
  • 3 Structure and language in tragic drama
  • 4 Setting and place in tragic drama
  • 5 The tragic protagonist
  • 6 Villains and victims
  • 7 Tragic endings
  • 8 The significance of tragedy
  • 9 An introduction to place in literary texts
  • 10 Place as a setting for personal relationships
  • 11 Place: home and homeland
  • 12 Place and the representation of class and identity
  • 13 Place and the significance of the natural world
  • 14 Place and its connection to time
  • 15 An introduction to the genre of crime and mystery
  • 16 Crime and punishment: crime writing a moral genre
  • 17 The criminal
  • 18 The detective
  • 19 The victim
  • 20 Crime writing and the reader
  • 21 An introduction to literary representations
  • 22 Stories and their points of view
  • 23 Textual cohesion
  • 24 Tackling unseen poetry
  • 25 Tackling unseen prose
  • 26 Unit 4: the non-examined option
  • Preparing for the examinations
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements
  • Acknowledgements
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