Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964 Revision Guide

Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964 Revision Guide

By Margaret Haynes
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Book Description

This Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964 Revision Guide is part of the bestselling Oxford AQA History for A Level series. Written to match the new AQA specification, this series helps you deepen your historical knowledge and develop vital analytical and evaluation skills. This revision guide offers the clearly structured revision approach of Recap, Apply, and Review to prepare you for exam success. Step-by-step exam practice strategies for all AQA question types
are provided (including Extract Analysis and essays linked to Key Questions), as well as well-researched, targeted guidance based on what we now know from the new AQA examiner's reports on Tsarist Russia. Our original author team is back, offering expert advice, AS and A Level exam-style questions and
Examiner Tips. Contents checklists help monitor revision progress; example student answers and suggested activity answers help you review your own work. This guide is perfect for use alongside the Student Books or as a stand-alone resource f

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • How to master the extracts question
  • How to master the essay question
  • AQA AS and A Level History mark schemes
  • Timeline
  • Part One AS and A Level
    • Autocracy, Reform and revolution: Russia 1855-1917
      • 1 Trying to preserve autocracy, 1855–1894
        • 1 The Russian autocracy in 1855
        • 2 Alexander II, the ‘Tsar Reformer’
        • 3 The autocracy of Alexander II and Alexander III
        • 4 Political authority in action
        • 5 The growth of opposition to tsarist rule
        • 6 Economic and social developments
        • Exam Practice
      • 2 The collapse of autocracy, 1894–1917
        • 7 Nicholas II and the challenge to autocracy
        • 8 The economic development of Russia to 1914
        • 9 Social developments to 1914
        • 10 Opposition: ideas and ideologies
        • 11 Political authority, opposition and the state of Russia in wartime
        • 12 The establishment of Bolshevik government
        • Exam Practice
  • Part Two The Soviet Union, 1917-1964
    • 3 The emergence of Communist dictatorship, 1917–1941
      • 13 New leaders and ideologies
      • 14 The Communist dictatorship
      • 15 Economic developments
      • 16 Leninist/Stalinist society
      • 17 Communist control and terror
      • 18 The Soviet Union by 1941
      • Exam Practice
    • 4 The Stalinist dictatorship and reaction, 1941–1964
      • 19 Stalinism in wartime
      • 20 Political authority, 1945–53
      • 21 Khrushchev and reaction to Stalinism, 1953–64
      • 22 Economic and social developments
      • 23 Opposition and the fall of Khrushchev
      • 24 The Soviet Union by 1964
      • Exam Practice
  • Activity answers guidance
  • Glossary
  • Top revision tips for A Level History
  • Back Cover
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