The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles

The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles

By Rosemary Sutcliff
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Book Description

The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of northern Britain-and they were never seen again. Four thousand men disappeared and their eagle standard was lost. It's a mystery that's never been solved, until now . . . So begins the story of The Eagle of the Ninth, set against a backdrop of Roman Britain and featuring a young soldier, Marcus Aquila, who sets off into the unknown north to find out what happened to the lost legion. Following on from this are The Silver
Branch in which two young soldiers uncover a plot to overthrow the Emperor, and The Lantern Bearers which is set at a time when the Romans are leaving the shores of Britain and tells of Aquila who, having served in the Roman army, is now returning home to his farm-but when he gets there everything he
knows and loves has been destroyed and so he sets out to seek revenge. To have three such exciting stories in one volume is a treat for fans old and new.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • The Eagle of The Ninth
    • Foreword
    • Contents
    • I Frontier Fort
    • II Feathers in the Wind
    • III Attack!
    • IV The Last Rose Falls
    • V Saturnalia Games
    • VI Esca
    • VII Two Worlds Meeting
    • VIII The Healer with the Knife
    • IX Tribune Placidus
    • X Marching Orders
    • XI Across the Frontier
    • XII The Whistler in the Dawn
    • XIII The Lost Legion
    • XIV The Feast of New Spears
    • XV Venture into the Dark
    • XVI The Ring-Brooch
    • XVII The Wild Hunt
    • XVIII The Waters of Lethe
    • XIX Tradui’s Gift
    • XX Valedictory
    • XXI The Olive-Wood Bird
  • The Silver Branch
    • Historical Note
    • Contents
    • I The Saxon Shore
    • II A Whisper Down the Wind
    • III The House on the Cliffs
    • IV The Sea Wolf
    • V Nightshade!
    • VI Evicatos of the Spear
    • VII ‘To the Fates, that They May be Kind’
    • VIII The Feast of Samhain
    • IX The Sign of the Dolphin
    • X The Berenice Sails for Gaul
    • XI The Shadow
    • XII A Sprig of Broom
    • XIII The Silver Branch
    • XIV An Ancient Ensign
    • XV Return to the Legions
    • XVI ‘Carausius! Carausius!’
    • XVII Eagle in the Flames
    • XVIII Triumphal Garlands
  • The Lantern Bearers
    • Contents
    • I The Terrace Steps
    • II Rutupiae Light
    • III The Wolves of the Sea
    • IV Ullasfjord
    • V Wild Geese Flighting
    • VI The Saxon Wind
    • VII The Woman in the Doorway
    • VIII Singing Magic
    • IX Forest Sanctuary
    • X The Fortress of the High Powers
    • XI The Young Foxes
    • XII Brown Sister, Golden Sister
    • XIII The Empty Hut
    • XIV The Honour of First Blood
    • XV The Hawking Glove
    • XVI White Thorn and Yellow Iris
    • XVII ‘Minnow, Dolphin’s Son’
    • XVIII The Hostage
    • XIX ‘Victory like a Trumpet Blast’
    • XX The Dark Warrior
    • XXI The Return of Odysseus
    • XXII The Blossoming Tree
  • About the Author
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