The Little Bookroom

The Little Bookroom

By Eleanor Farjeon, Edward Ardizzone
US$ 10.13
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Book Description

A girl sits in a dusty room, crammed to the rafters with books. Sunlight dances on the covers, between which are stories of magical worlds and faraway places, lands of princesses, kings, giants, and real children too. Eleanor Farjeon was that girl, who was so enchanted by her little bookroom that she recreated it by writing this wonderful collection of short stories. This charming book was the winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal and is beautifully illustrated
throughout by Edward Ardizzone, whose exquisite pictures immediately bring to mind the magical atmosphere of the stories

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • By the Same Author
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Poem
  • Author’s Note
  • Contents
  • The King and the Corn
  • The King’s Daughter Cries for the Moon
  • Young Kate
  • The Flower Without a Name
  • The Goldfish
  • The Clumber Pup
  • The Miracle of the Poor Island
  • The Girl Who Kissed The Peach-Tree
  • Westwoods
  • The Barrel-Organ
  • The Giant and the Mite
  • The Little Dressmaker
  • The Lady’s Room
  • The Seventh Princess
  • Leaving Paradise
  • The Little Lady’s Roses
  • In Those Days
  • The Connemara Donkey
  • The Tims
  • Pennyworth
  • And I Dance Mine Own Child
  • The Lovebirds
  • San Fairy Ann
  • The Glass Peacock
  • The Kind Farmer
  • Old Surly and the Boy
  • Pannychis
  • About the Author
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