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The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard
Julia Lee
The Dangerous Discoveries of Gully Potchard
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An improbable hero, a spine-tingling adventure, and a surprising twist of fate . . . Gully Potchard never meant to cause any trouble. He's just an ordinary sort of boy . . . at least that what he thinks. But when an old acquaintance comes knocking, it isn't long before Gully is tangled up in a mess of mischief and skulduggery. Cats and dogs go astray, a child is kidnapped, and ransom notes are delivered to the wrong people! But as a storm rages and a fire blazes,
Gully discovers that he has an extraordinary skill that might just make him an unlikely hero after all . . . Another unputdownable adventure from the author of The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth!

The Cast List
Chapter 1 Old Enemies
Chapter 2 Wentworth Gardens
Chapter 3 A Missing Cat
Chapter 4 A Barking Dog
Chapter 5 A Funny Turn
Chapter 6 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 7 A Star in the Making
Chapter 8 Mental Anguish
Chapter 9 Nathan’s Little Scheme
Chapter 10 Really Most Amusing
Chapter 11 Oops!
Chapter 12 Captain Pye
Chapter 13 The First Day of Spring
Chapter 14 Flames
Chapter 15 Chance
Chapter 16 Arrivals and Departures
Chapter 17 Making Enquiries
Chapter 18 Agitation
Chapter 19 Correspondence
Chapter 20 Beggar Girls
Chapter 21 Stolen Goods
Chapter 22 On the Island
Chapter 23 Shoemaker Extraordinary
Chapter 24 No Trouble at All
Chapter 25 Up To Something
Chapter 26 Faraway Thoughts
Chapter 27 Friends and Enemies
Chapter 28 Something Wonderful
Chapter 29 Dark Shadows
Chapter 30 Her Own Devices
Chapter 31 The Storm
Chapter 32 Seeing
Chapter 33 Such a Fix
Chapter 34 Like Clockwork
Chapter 35 The Woods
Chapter 36 The Case Against
Chapter 37 A New Start
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