The Lastling

The Lastling

By Philip Gross
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Book Description

Paris is on a trek in the Himalayas with her uncle and her uncle's friends. On the way they come across a young Tibetan monk, Tahr, who reluctantly joins their party as his protector has died in an accident. As the trek progresses, Paris realizes the true reason for the journey - her uncle and his friends are a strange, gourmet dining club, dedicated to hunting down and eating the rarest possible animals. So when they discover a young yeti-like creature, who is very
nearly human herself, Tahr convinces Paris that they have a duty to protect her, come what may. ·Dramatically told in a lyrical style by Philip Gross, a well-known poet for both adults and children.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • 1 The Girl in the Ice
  • 2 The House of the Snows
  • 3 Iron Dragonfly
  • 4 Paris On Location
  • 5 The Other Side of Somewhere
  • 6 Gods and Titans
  • 7 The Ultimate Diners Club
  • 8 Lights-Out
  • 9 Mornings After
  • 10 Bloody Eden
  • 11 It
  • 12 A Cave of Eyes
  • 13 What’s Unspoken
  • 14 Into the Dark
  • 15 Survivors
  • 16 Idées Fixes
  • 17 Don’t Look Back
  • 18 A Cage of Roots
  • 19 No Way But Up
  • 20 The View from the Edge
  • 21 Mother Song
  • 22 A Slingshot at an Eagle
  • 23 Tongue of Ice
  • 24 The Fastness
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