When A Girl Is Born

When A Girl Is Born

By Pamela Grant
US$ 8.99
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Book Description

An exciting novel set in China at the turn of the last century about a fourteen year old girl called Ko-Chin who is married off in an arranged marriage. She's been taught to obey her husband and be a good and dutiful wife - but her husband is a reformer who believes she should think for herself. Soon they are both caught up in a rebellion and Ko-Chin has to decide between her old traditions and the new western ways. ·Combines historical accuracy with a
fast-moving and exciting plot

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • In the Forbidden City …
  • Chapter 1 Golden Lilies
  • Chapter 2 The Red Sedan
  • Chapter 3 City of the Celestial Empire
  • Chapter 4 Manchu
  • Chapter 5 Listening Behind Screens
  • Chapter 6 ‘Never Grieve’
  • Chapter 7 Sacrifice to the Hearth God
  • Chapter 8 Smashing Rice Bowls
  • Chapter 9 The Vermilion Pencil
  • Chapter 10 Eating Tadpoles
  • Chapter 11 Foreign Devil
  • Chapter 12 Sons
  • Chapter 13 ‘Burn and Kill!’
  • Chapter 14 Fish in the Stewpan
  • Chapter 15 Eggs of Happiness
  • But in the Forbidden City …
  • Before and After ‘When a Girl is Born’
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  • Copyright
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