Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister

By Jess Bright
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Book Description

My life has been turned upside down, inside out, and totally shaken about. In the last week I've learnt: - my mum's been keeping a MEGA secret from me MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. - my dad is a famous novelist. - I have a sister I never knew about who's really sick and I'm the last chance she has of getting better. I'm trying to pretend to everyone (and even myself) that I'm OK with it all, but really, I don't think I am. Is Willow brave enough to save the sister she's
never known and open up her world to a whole new family? The stakes are high but Willow will discover that the rewards are even greater. A fresh story of family and friendship told with humour and frankness.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Here’s a Taste of What’s to Come …
  • Dedication
  • Chapter One Mystery Letters
  • Chapter Two Operation Steal a Letter
  • Chapter Three Anthony Jerrard
  • Chapter Four Instant Family
  • Chapter Five The Not Meant to Be Here Club
  • Chapter Six Willow Loses It
  • Chapter Seven The Morning After
  • Chapter Eight The First Step
  • Chapter Nine First Impressions
  • Chapter Ten The Twins Stand Guard
  • Chapter Eleven A Trip to London
  • Chapter Twelve It’s Just a Scratch
  • Chapter Thirteen Lunch with Mum and Dad!
  • Chapter Fourteen Another Day Trip
  • Chapter Fifteen Meeting Bella
  • Chapter Sixteen Willow does Some Snooping
  • Chapter Seventeen Ice Cream Soothes All
  • Chapter Eighteen One Phone Call Changes Everything
  • Chapter Nineteen Blogging
  • Chapter Twenty Phobia Central
  • Chapter Twenty-One The Headshrinker
  • Chapter Twenty-Two Willow’s Left Out
  • Chapter Twenty-Three Hattie’s Party
  • Chapter Twenty-Four Stella Breaks the Stalemate
  • Chapter Twenty-Five Emergency Calls Only
  • Chapter Twenty-Six Good Luck, Willow!
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven There’s No Place Like Home
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight Bella Takes a Peek
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine Icebreaker
  • Chapter Thirty Little Women to the Rescue
  • Chapter Thirty-One Blood Sisters
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author
  • How Well have You Remembered the ‘Sister, Sister’ Story?
  • Quiz Answers!
  • Copyright
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