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Here Be Monsters!
Alan Snow
Here Be Monsters!
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Meet the Boxtrolls! The book that inspired the film! There's an emergency in Ratbridge! Only orphan Arthur and his new friends Willbury Nibble QC, Marjorie the inventor, a timid cabbagehead, and some very excitable boxtrolls can save the day! But are they really up to the job? Why has the evil Snatcher taken up residence in Cheese Hall? Who has stolen Marjorie's latest invention? And who knew that rats were so good at removing stains? Find out in this amazing, fun,
and highly-illustrated romp!

Chapter 1 Coming Up!
Chapter 2 The Hunt
Chapter 3 From on High
Chapter 4 Into the Town
Chapter 5 Here Be Monsters!
Chapter 6 Search for a Hole
Chapter 7 The Return
Chapter 8 A Visit
Chapter 9 The Market
Chapter 10 The Patent Hall
Chapter 11 Gone!
Chapter 12 Pants Ahoy!
Chapter 13 The Cheese Hall
Chapter 14 An Incident Outside the Nag’s Head
Chapter 15 Inside the Cheese Hall
Chapter 16 The Dungeon
Chapter 17 Back in the Lab
Chapter 18 Out on the Roof!
Chapter 19 Tea and Cake
Chapter 20 An Escape?
Chapter 21 Back Below the Cheese Hall
Chapter 22 The Man in the Iron Socks
Chapter 23 Going Down!
Chapter 24 The Rabbit Women
Chapter 25 The Doll
Chapter 26 Wet!
Chapter 27 The Telling
Chapter 28 A Glimmer at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 29 The Keys
Chapter 30 The Traps
Chapter 31 The Shaft!
Chapter 32 The Great One!
Chapter 33 The Next Victim!
Chapter 34 How Are We Going to Fix It?
Chapter 35 Let’s Hit the Town!
Chapter 36 Attack on the Cheese Hall
Chapter 37 Magnetism!
Chapter 38 The Big Bang
Chapter 39 Skinned!
Chapter 40 Repairing the Damage
Chapter 41 Measure for Measure
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