Shadow Bringer

Shadow Bringer

By David Calcutt
US$ 8.99
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Book Description

Nathan knows something is watching him - something menacing and dangerous. Something without a shape, that he can't get out of his head. The Creature. Then there are the noises he starts hearing in the attic. Shuffling. Scratching. Even a voice. The Bogeyman. Nathan's sure that the Creature and the Bogeyman are the same thing. Whatever it is, it's after him. As soon as it's strong enough, it will show Nathan what it really wants. And it's growing stronger all
the time . . . 'Haunting and powerful'

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • One the Creature
  • Two Something Was Watching
  • Three The Lime Pits
  • Four Smoke Vision
  • Five Frogspawn
  • Six The Cave
  • Seven Attic
  • Eight The Bogeyman
  • Nine Spirit Flight
  • Ten Coming to Get You
  • Eleven The Creature
  • Twelve Rat
  • Thirteen Mobile
  • Fourteen The Other World
  • Fifteen Mad Dog
  • Sixteen Real
  • Seventeen The Creature
  • Eighteen Fall
  • Nineteen Got You
  • Twenty Vatharos
  • Twenty-one Yiera
  • Twenty-two Two of Us
  • Twenty-three The Creature
  • About the Author
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  • Copyright