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Back in the Day
Jess Bright
Back in the Day
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Can time travel fix a family and a friendship? "So, one minute my ex-best friend, Izzy, and I are rummaging in the PE cupboard, looking at some hilarious prom stuff from the 1980s. The next minute, we're there. Actually there, in 1985. And that's not all - our mums are there too. But they're our age! Check out their hair! It's weird enough for Izzy, who's not really getting on with her mum at the moment. Not that I care, we're not friends any more anyway. But the
thing is, my mum died in a car crash when I was four. I've always longed to get to know her, and now's my chance! Izzy says we mustn't change anything in the past, as it might mean our future selves don't even get born. But how can I not warn my mum about her fate? If there's a chance that I can save
her, surely I've got to take it. Wouldn't you . . .?"

Chapter One Separate Lives
Chapter Two Trapped
Chapter Three You Spin Me Round
Chapter Four Road to Nowhere
Chapter Five Take on Me
Chapter Six Back in Time
Chapter Seven Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Chapter Eight Holding out for a Hero
Chapter Nine The Wild Boys
Chapter Ten If you Love Someone, Set Them Free
Chapter Eleven Glory Days
Chapter Twelve Things can only Get Better
Chapter Thirteen The Search is Over
Chapter Fourteen Everything she Wants
Chapter Fifteen One More Night
Chapter Sixteen Don’t you Forget About Me
Chapter Seventeen Summer of 69
Chapter Eighteen The Heat is on
Chapter Nineteen Life in one Day
Chapter Twenty Too Late for Goodbyes
Chapter Twenty-One Jonny Come Home
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