Creeper Files: Welcome to the Jungle

Creeper Files: Welcome to the Jungle

By Hacker Murphy, Lucie Ebrey
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Book Description

Mother Nature has never been creepier. EXCLUSIVE: Investigator Hacker Murphy makes Creeper Files, detailing the nefarious activities of the most evil man/plant ever known, available for the first time. Hacker Murphy is chasing a story about a green-fingered villain who calls himself The Creeper, and these are his latest case files. The Creeper is back, and this time he's REALLY angry. His has complete control over all things green, and this time the gardening gloves
are off! Warning: The Plantocalypse is about to begin. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Scooby Doo.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Contents
  • Chapter One Hacker’s Welcome
  • Chapter Two The Camping Trip
  • Chapter Three Things Get in Tents
  • Chapter Four A Dip in the Lake
  • Chapter Five Wee Worries
  • Chapter Six The Cold Light of Day
  • Chapter Seven Descent into Terror
  • Chapter Eight Creeping Around
  • Chapter Nine Hunted!
  • Chapter Ten The Monster Strikes
  • Chapter Eleven Divide and Conquer
  • Chapter Twelve An Unfriendly Wave
  • Chapter Thirteen Strike Out
  • Chapter Fourteen Hacker’s Final Thoughts
  • Copyright
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