The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn: The Hidden World

The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn: The Hidden World

By Henry Chancellor
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Book Description

Welcome to the Scatterhorn Museum! But don't get too excited - it's a cold and dingy place, crammed full of tatty stuffed animals and junk. Nobody much wants to visit any more, and its days are surely numbered. But when Tom is sent to live here he soon finds there is more to this museum than meets the eye. The animals may be shabby and moth-eaten - but they possess an incredible secret. And when Tom discovers he can go right back to the time of their making, a
hundred years earlier, he embarks on a journey full of unimaginable terrors . . . Join Tom in his breathtaking adventure in and out of time, from an Edwardian ice fair and the wastes of Mongolia, to the jungles of India, and beyond . . .

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 Listening for Fun
  • Chapter 2 The Same: But Somehow Different
  • Chapter 3 Arsenic
  • Chapter 4 Skeet Marsh
  • Chapter 5 Death by Chocolate
  • Chapter 6 Closing the Trap
  • Chapter 7 They Have Their Exits
  • Chapter 8 Not Even on the Map
  • Chapter 9 Tales of a Hidden World
  • Chapter 10 The Amulet
  • Chapter 11 To Tithona
  • Chapter 12 Before the Volcano
  • Chapter 13 Skin of Their Teeth
  • Chapter 14 A Necessary Betrayal
  • Chapter 15 My Life as a Beetle
  • Chapter 16 Into the Abyss
  • Chapter 17 Scarazand
  • Chapter 18 The Lowest of the Low
  • Chapter 19 Spiders, Witchits, and a Groot Slang
  • Chapter 20 Utopia
  • Chapter 21 Luposerpsis Maximus
  • Chapter 22 Barnstorming
  • Chapter 23 The Sleep of Reason
  • Chapter 24 An Eye for an Eye
  • About the Author
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