The Wells Bequest

The Wells Bequest

By Polly Shulman
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Book Description

It was an evening like any other for Leo Novikov. That is until a miniature version of himself appears before his eyes . . . from the future! Not only that, he's riding on some kind of weird machine, with his arms wrapped around the hottest girl he's ever laid eyes on! He heads off to the New York Circulating Material Repository to do some research and meets Jaya, the girl from the future. Together they embark on a dangerous mission to save New York City . . . a
mission that will take them to the other side of the world, and to the other side of time.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1: How a Six-Inch-Tall Me Appeared in My Bedroom
  • Chapter 2: The New York Circulating Material Repository
  • Chapter 3: Jaya Rao
  • Chapter 4: Five Automatons, One Wink
  • Chapter 5: The Great Man’s Assistant’s Great-Great-Grandson
  • Chapter 6: I Build a Very Strange Radio
  • Chapter 7: A Stiletto, a Niddy Noddy, and a Serpent
  • Chapter 8: Jaya Hits Me
  • Chapter 9: The Wells Bequest
  • Chapter 10: Simon’s Sabotage
  • Chapter 11: My Brilliant Idea
  • Chapter 12: Chocolate at the Time Traveller’s House
  • Chapter 13: Jaya Stops Time
  • Chapter 14: The Terror
  • Chapter 15: The Death Ray
  • Chapter 16: The Shrink Ray
  • Chapter 17: Time Passes—Backwards
  • Chapter 18: A Steam Train in Manhattan
  • Chapter 19: Her Royal Highness, the Rani of Chomalur
  • Chapter 20: Two Geniuses and One Very Long Lecture
  • Chapter 21: A Firefight on South Fifth Avenue
  • Chapter 22: I Meet Myself Coming and Going
  • Chapter 23: A World Without Simon
  • Chapter 24: Jaya’s Brilliant Idea
  • Chapter 25: I Save the Life of the Most Awesome Girl in the Universe
  • Chapter 26: The Green Mouse Machine
  • About the Author
  • Note to Readers
  • Librarian’s Note
  • Acknowledgements
  • Extract from ‘The Grimm Legacy’
  • More eBooks from Oxford
  • Copyright
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