Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 2: International Relations and Global Conflict c1890-1941

Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 2: International Relations and Global Conflict c1890-1941

By Kat Kearey, Sally Waller
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Book Description

Retaining all the well-loved features from the previous editions, International Relations and Global Conflict c1890-1941 has been approved by AQA and matched to the 2015 specification. With a strong focus on skills building and exam practice, this book explores in depth a period in which political ambitions and rivalries between nations plunged the world into major wars. It focuses on key ideas such as nationalism, militarism, and the balance of power, and covers
events and developments with precision. Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarize students with the new exam style
questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction to features
  • AQA History specification overview
  • Introduction to the Oxford AQA History series
  • Timeline
  • Introduction to this book
  • Part One: AS and A Level: Great Power rivalries and the entry into war, c1890–1917
    • Section 1: Great Powers: Britain, Germany, Russia, France and Austria-Hungary, c1890–1900
      • 1 The political structures of the Great Powers
      • 2 Economic strengths and armed forces
      • 3 Empires and rivalries
      • 4 The state of international relations by 1900
    • Section 2: The Great Powers and Crises, 1900–11
      • 5 Forces of instability
      • 6 Evolving alliances
      • 7 The decline of the Ottoman Empire
      • 8 Pan-Slavism and the Bosnian Crisis
    • Section 3: The Coming of War, 1911–17
      • 9 The First and Second Balkan Wars
      • 10 The outbreak of war in the Balkans and the July Crisis
      • 11 General war in Europe
      • 12 From European to World War
  • Part Two: A Level: The failure of international peace and the origins ofthe Second World War 1917–41
    • Section 4: The end of the First World War and the peace settlement 1917–23
      • 13 The collapse of the autocratic empires
      • 14 Peacemaking, 1919–23
      • 15 Challenges to the Peace Settlement
      • 16 The state of international relations by 1923
    • Section 5: Attempts at maintaining the peace 1923–35
      • 17 The ‘spirit of Locarno’
      • 18 The Depression and its impact on international relations
      • 19 Changing balance of power
      • 20 The collapse of collective security
    • Section 6: The coming of war 1935–41
      • 21 Germany’s challenges to the Treaty of Versailles
      • 22 The international response to German, Italian and Japanese aggression
      • 23 The outbreak of war in Europe
      • 24 From Western European to World War
  • Conclusion: an overview of international relations by 1941
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index
  • Topics available from Oxford AQA History for A Level
  • Back Cover
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