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Complete Geography for Cambridge IGCSE® Revision Guide
Muriel Fretwell, David Kelly
Complete Geography for Cambridge IGCSE® Revision Guide
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Solidify learning and support achievement. This comprehensive and accessible Revision Guide is designed to develop exam confidence and build a firm foundation for further study. Consolidating all the examinable material in a digestible, student-friendly format, the Guide also offers a bank of practice material to concretely build assurance and understanding, helping students achieve their best.

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1 World population growth
2 Population variations and associated problems
3 The effects of migration and HIV/AIDS
4 Settlement hierarchy and pattern
5 Site, situation and growth of settlements
6 Urban land use
7 Problems of urban areas
8 Urbanisation and the environment
9 Theme 1: Population and settlement
10 Plate tectonics
11 Volcanoes and earthquakes
12 Weathering
13 River processes (1)
14 River processes (2)
15 Marine erosion
16 Marine transportation and deposition
17 Coral reefs and coastal sand dunes
18 Weather and weather station recording instruments
19 Weather data calculations, graphs and diagrams
20 Clouds and weather hazards
21 Climate of tropical rainforest areas
22 Climate of tropical desert areas
23 The tropical rainforest and tropical desert ecosystems
24 The natural environment and human activities (1)
25 The natural environment andhuman activities (2)
26 Theme 2: The natural environment
27 Agriculture and large-scale commercial farming
28 Small-scale subsistence farming and food shortages
29 Industrial systems
30 Tourism
31 Energy – oil, gas, coal, nuclear and fuelwood
32 Renewable energy and water supply
33 The need for sustainable development,resource conservation and management
34 The impact of pollution on thenatural environment
35 Theme 3: Economic development and the use of resources
36 Survey maps (topographic maps)
37 Physical features on survey maps:relief and drainage
38 Photographs, field sketches, data tables and graphs
39 Geographical skills: Exam-style questions
40 Coursework: planning investigations
41 Coursework: data collection
42 Coursework: presentation, analysis and evaluation
Coursework skills: Exam-style questions 43
Coursework skills: Exam-style questions 43
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