How to Teach Even Better

How to Teach Even Better

By Geoff Petty
US$ 21.99
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Book Description

How to Teach Even Better: An Evidence-Based Approach explores what evidence-based teaching is, and most importantly, how teachers can the approach to their own practice effectively. Relating relevant research to classroom practice, Geoff Petty focuses on the practical strategies, techniques, and methods teachers need to help them teach even better. Geoff Petty provides guidance and advice for teachers at every level and phase, with a strong focus on those pedagogical
approaches which have the greatest impact on students' learning and attainment.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • What this book can do for you
  • Part 1: What is learning and what helps it?
    • 1) You must ensure students make meanings: co-constructivism
    • 2) Teaching the hard stuff: concrete to abstract and multiple modes of representation
    • 3) Graphic organisers, card-sorting games and styles of analysis
  • Part 2: How to teach a topic
    • 4) The RAR model: structuring your teaching of a topic
    • 5) Classroom questioning and discussion: the self-correcting classroom
    • 6) Teaching methods for the ‘orientation’ phase: setting the scene
    • 7) Modelling: demonstrating physical and intellectual skills
    • 8) The ‘receive’ phase: presenting new content to students
    • 9) Getting students to apply their learning
    • 10) Helping students to write essays, reports and assignments
    • 11) Methods to check and correct learning
    • 12) Reusing and reviewing the learning of a topic
    • 13) Teaching study skills and academic skills: strategy training
  • Part 3: Looking at evidence
    • 14) Sifting educational evidence
    • 15) Further reading and references
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements
  • Back Cover
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