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GCSE Religious Studies for Edexcel A (9-1): Catholic Christianity with Islam and Judaism Revision Guide
Andy Lewis, Waqar Ahmedi
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GCSE Religious Studies for Edexcel A (9-1): Catholic Christianity with Islam and Judaism Revision Guide
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This Edexcel GCSE Catholic Christianity with Islam and Judaism Revision Guide covers exactly what your students require with a structured approach to revising for the new 91 exams. RECAP key content presented in simple visual styles to make content memorable. APPLY knowledge with targeted revision activities to practise evaluative skills needed for the exams. REVIEW through practising exam questions and reviewing answers to pinpoint any areas of weakness in
knowledge or exam skills. Clearly identify areas to target next. Perfect for use alongside the Student Book or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision. This Revision Guide covers the whole course for students of Catholic Christianity (Paper 1), including a choice of either Islam or Judaism
as a second religion (Paper 2), and a choice of either Philosophy and Ethics or St Mark's Gospel (Paper 3/4). With all the essential content condensed and made memorable, and plenty of exam practice, tips and annotated sample answers, stude

Front Cover
Title Page
Area of Study 1: Catholic Christianity
Chapter 1: Beliefs and Teachings
1.1 The Trinity
1.2 The Trinity in the Bible
1.3 Creation
1.4 Creation and the nature of humanity
1.5 The Incarnation
1.6 The Paschal Mystery
1.7 The significance of the Paschal Mystery
1.8 Eschatology
Compare and Contrast: 1.8 Eschatology
Exam Practice
Chapter 2: Practices
2.1 The sacramental nature of reality
2.2 Liturgical worship
Compare and Contrast: 2.2 Liturgical worship
2.3 The funeral rite
2.4 Prayer
2.5 Forms of popular piety
2.6 Pilgrimage
2.7 Catholic Social Teaching
2.8 Catholic mission and evangelism
Exam Practice
Chapter 3: Sources of Wisdom and Authority
3.1 The Bible
3.2 Interpretation of the Bible
3.3 The magisterium
3.4 The Second Vatican Council
3.5 The Church as the Body of Christ
3.6 The four marks of the Church
3.7 Mary as a model of the Church
3.8 Personal and ethical decision-making
Exam Practice
Chapter 4: Forms of Expression and Ways of Life
4.1 Catholic church architecture
4.2 Catholic church features
4.3 Sacred objects
4.4 Artwork in Catholicism
4.5 Sculpture and statues
4.6 Symbolism and imagery in religious art
4.7 Drama
4.8 Music in worship
Exam Practice
Area of Study 2: Study of Religion – Islam
Chapter 5: Beliefs and Teachings
5.1 The six Beliefs of Islam
5.2 The five roots of ’Usul ad-Din
5.2 The five roots of ’Usul ad-Din
5.4 RiSalah
5.5 Muslim holy books
5.6 Malaikah
5.7 Al-Qadr
5.8 Akhirah
Compare and Contrast: 5.8 Akhirah
Exam Practice
Chapter 6: Practices
6.1 The Ten Obligatory Acts
6.2 Shahadah
6.3 Salah
Compare and Contrast: 6.3 Salah
6.4 Sawm
6.5 Zakah and khums
6.6 Hajj
6.7 Jihad
6.8 Celebrations and commemorations
Exam Practice
Area of Study 2: Study of Religion – Judaism*
Chapter 7: Beliefs and Teachings
7.1 The Almighty
7.2 The Shekhinah
7.3 The Messiah
7.4 The covenant at Sinai
7.5 The covenant with Abraham
7.6 The sanctity of life
7.7 Moral principles and the Mitzvot
7.8 Life after death
Compare and Contrast: 7.8 Life after death
Exam Practice
Chapter 8: Beliefs and Teachings
8.1 Public acts of worship
8.2 The Tenakh and Talmud
8.3 Private prayer
8.4 The Shema and Amidah
Compare and Contrast: 8.4 The Shema and Amidah
8.5 Ritual and ceremony
8.6 Shabbat
8.7 Festivals
8.8 Features of the synagogue
Exam Practice
Area of Study 3: Philosophy and Ethics
Chapter 9: Arguments for the Existence of God
9.1 Revelation
9.2 Visions
9.3 Miracles
9.4 Religious experiences
9.5 The design argument
9.6 The cosmological argument
9.7 The existence of suffering
9.8 Solutions to the problem of suffering
Exam Practice
Chapter 10: Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st Century
10.1 Marriage
10.2 Sexual relationships
10.3 The family
10.4 Support for the family
10.5 Family planning
10.6 Divorce, annulment, and remarriage
10.7 Equality of men and women in the family
10.8 Gender prejudice and discrimination
Exam Practice
Area of Study 4: Textual Studies St Mark’s Gospel
Chapter 11: Who is Jesus?
11.1 The Messiah and the Son of Man
11.2 The baptism of Jesus
11.3 Nature miracles in Mark’s Gospel
11.4 Healing miracles in Mark’s Gospel
11.5 Peter’s confession
11.6 The transfiguration
11.7 The conflicts of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel
11.8 The last days of Jesus’ life
Exam Practice
Chapter 12: The Nature of Discipleship
12.1 The call of the first disciples
12.2 Parables
12.3 The story of the rich man
12.4 The spirit cast out of the boy
12.5 Jesus’ teachings on service
12.6 Peter’s denial
12.7 Women in the ministry of Jesus
12.8 Discipleship in the 21st century
Exam Practice
Activity Answers Guidance
Back Cover
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