Hong Kong

Hong Kong

By Gene Gleason
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Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Hong Kong
    • Introduction
    • CHAPTER ONE Up from British Barbarism
    • CHAPTER TWO An Avalanche from the North
    • CHAPTER THREE Conflict and Coexistence with Two Chinas
    • CHAPTER FOUR Industrial Growth and Growing Pains
    • CHAPTER FIVE High Land, Low Water
    • CHAPTER SIX A New Day for Farms and Fisheries
    • CHAPTER SEVEN Crime, Power and Corruption
    • CHAPTER EIGHT Two Worlds in One House
    • CHAPTER NINE Rambling around the Colony
    • CHAPTER TEN Shopping before Dinner
    • Index
    • Full Project Gutenberg License
      • Section 1. General Terms
      • Section 2. The Mission of Project Gutenberg
      • Section 3. The Project Gutenberg Literary
      • Section 4. Donations to PGLAF
      • Section 5. Project Gutenberg Electronic Works
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