A Race for Toad Hall

A Race for Toad Hall

By Tom Moorhouse, Holly Swain
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Book Description

Teejay (which stands for Toad Junior), Mo and Ratty are exploring the ruined grounds of Toad Hall. After falling into a tunnel they discover something . . . someone in the ice house. It turns out to be Mr Toad and the children have found him in the nick of time: Wildwood Industrious (the shady operation run by the descendants of the Stoats and Weasels) is on the brink claiming legal ownership of Toad Hall. With outrageous antics from Mr Toad, action-packed adventure
from the start, and stylish two-colour illustrations from Holly Swain that capture all the comedy, this is a fantastic package for young readers.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Five Reasons why you’ll Love this Book!
  • Dedication
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • The Illustrious Heritage of Toad of Toad Hall
  • Chapter 1 Mole in a Hole
  • Chapter 2 Terrible Tunnels
  • Chapter 3 The Toad Hall Ghost
  • Chapter 4 Jam in the Pantry
  • Chapter 5 Signs at the Door
  • Chapter 6 Mr Toad Himself
  • Chapter 7 Windipedia
  • Chapter 8 Toad Acres
  • Chapter 9 Toad on the Road
  • Chapter 10 Wildwood Weaselwood Industrious
  • Chapter 11 The Challenge
  • Chapter 12 A Mole with a Plan
  • Chapter 13 A Day at the Races
  • Chapter 14 The Race is On (Sort of)
  • Chapter 15 Ms Badger’s Nasty Surprise
  • Chapter 16 Smashed to Smithereens?
  • Chapter 17 All Legal
  • Chapter 18 Poop-Poop!
  • Chapter 19 Why Ever Would Anybody Want to Drive?
  • The Wind in the Willows
  • Tom Moorhouse
  • Holly Swain
  • If you’d like to read
  • Copyright
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