Connecting the DOTS. Work. Life. Balance. Aging.

Connecting the DOTS. Work. Life. Balance. Aging.

By Patricia Mohammed, Cheryl-Ann Boodram
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Book Description

With the ever-increasing personal and professional demands of living in the twenty-first century, trying to strike a balance between these two overlapping but never separate areas of life pose many challenges. Connecting the Dots: Work. Life. Balance. Ageing examines the many complexities the working-age population faces when trying to find this balance, the effects these challenges pose to health, well-being, and family structures, and offers insights into the issues with which the ageing population grapple.

Born out of a three-year research project conducted in the Caribbean, through a mixed-methods approach, including talking circles, time-use journals, and in-depth interviews, Connecting the Dots delves into issues that examine the breadth of adulthood. Issues such as stress, care giving, gendered division of familial labour, the labour market, growing older, illness, and death. 
Editors Patricia Mohammed and Cheryl-Ann Boodram oversee this inter-disciplinary and insightful body of work, spanning the fields of gender studies, anthropology, social work, and gerontology, which offers a roadmap for future researchers to follow and a guideline for policymakers to ensure a healthier, balanced, and more productive population.

Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. Monuments of Unageing Intellect
    • Patricia Mohammed
  • 2. The Ageing Dividend: Towards an Asset-Based Perspective of Ageing
    • Cheryl-Ann Boodram
  • Work-Life Balance and Ageing
  • 3. Innovative Methodologies for Studying the Productivity and Well-being of Working Men and Women
    • Angelique V. Nixon
  • 4. Finding an Equilibrium but Full of Ups and Downs: Narratives of Ageing and Caregiving
    • Paula Morgan
  • 5. Work-Life Balance: Reflections on Health and Well-being
    • Angelique V. Nixon and Rachel Taylor
  • Population Ageing and Its Implications
  • 6. Population Ageing and its Implications for the Working Population
    • Francis Jones
  • 7. Work-Life Balance and Ageing: Law, Policy, and Practice
    • Deborah McFee and Renée Maria Cozier
  • 8. Women in the Jamaican Labour Force: Implications for Work-Life Balance and Ageing
    • Cerita S. Buchanan and Peta-Anne Baker
  • 9. The Future of Work and its Impact on Young People and the Aged
    • Ariel Pino
  • Growing Older and the Art of Living
  • 10. Growing Older and the Art of Living: A Doctor’s Prescription
    • Denise Eldemire-Shearer
  • 11. Planning for Retirement: Is Senior Entrepreneurship a Gateway to Financial Independence during Retirement?
    • Christine Sahadeo
  • A Certain Sign of Age
  • 12. ‘A Certain Sign of Age’: Lessons from Caribbean Visual Histories
    • Marsha Pearce
  • 13. Ageing: The Barbados Experience
    • Letnie F. Rock
  • 14. Ageing and a Review of Dementia Research in Trinidad and Tobago
    • Nelleen Baboolal and Gershwin Davis
  • Living, Working, and Ageing with Dignity
  • 15. Unsilencing Dementia: Living, Working, and Ageing with Dignity*
    • Paula Morgan and Renée Maria Cozier
  • 16. Work-Life Balance Case Study Abigail Llongwe – Trying to Connect the Dots: Work. Life and Medical Career
    • Simone McFee and Deborah McFee
  • 17. ‘When Memory Is a Bruise Still Tender’: Ageing and Alzheimer’s in Cascade and Soucouyant
    • Paula Morgan
  • 18. When Death is Not an Adversary
    • Patricia Mohammed
  • 19. Balancing Acts
    • Simon Lee
  • Contributors
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