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English Matters for Jamaica 2nd Edition Student's Book 7
Julia Sander
English Matters for Jamaica 2nd Edition Student's Book 7
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English Matters for Jamaica Second Edition is an
integrated, four-level series that helps progress students
seamlessly from lower to upper secondary in preparation
for their CSEC® Examination. Extensively revised for the
National Standards Curriculum and in response to feedback
from practising teachers, it has been written by an English
language teaching specialist and reviewed by expert
teachers from Jamaica.
Key features
• A wide selection of Jamaican, Caribbean and
international texts with graded comprehension
questions cater to different reading levels
• Student Journal feature ensures self-reflection and other
SBA-related skills are practised from an early grade
• Research work, group activities and discussions provide
meaningful social interactions and real-life contexts that
develop key 21st-century skills
• Step-by-step guidance breaks down and simplifies the
writing process
• Audio components develop listening and oral skills
• ICT activities encourage the use of appropriate digital
tools to integrate technology into learning and promote
sound digital citizenship
• Reference section with sample compositions, glossary
and grammar explanations can be used as a revision
Grades 7 to 9 in this series are supported by corresponding
Workbooks and free online resources. Answers, audio
recordings and more can be found at

Title Page
Table of Contents
Scope and Sequence
Preface for the Teacher
1 Our Personal Identity
1. New School
2. Free Time
3. Families
4. My Favourite Place
2 Social Identity
5. My Friends
6. My Community
7. Other People
8. Keeping in Touch
3 Adopting Positive Behaviours
9. Working Together
10. Respect for Others
11. Courage
12. Honesty
4 Citizenship and Nation Building
13. Early Days
14. National Heroes
15. Citizenship
16. Our Environment
5 Recreation and Health
17. Recreation
18. Keep Healthy
19. Play Safe
20. Safe Surfing
Reference Section
Parts of speech
Punctuation guide
Sentence structure
Composition review
Grammar guide
Jamaican Creole and Standard Jamaican English
Glossary of terms used in language and literature
Transcripts for listening exercises
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