Macmillan Study Companions: Poetry for the CSEC® English B Examination

Macmillan Study Companions: Poetry for the CSEC® English B Examination

By Sharon Wilson-Strann
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Book Description

Macmillan Study Companions provide a comprehensive analysis of Caribbean literature on the CXC reading list. The Study Companions are designed to build reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Each Study Companion includes:• Social and historical context for the book• Summary and analysis of the chapters• Reading comprehension questions• Vocabulary building skills• Analysis of literary elements• Skill building exercises• Instruction for how to construct an essay• Sample essaysPlease note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Unit 1 Understanding Poetry
    • How to Understand Poetry Part I
    • How to Understand Poetry Part II
    • How to Understand Poetry Part III
    • How to Understand Poetry Part IV
  • Unit 2 The Language Used in Poetry
    • Understanding Imagery Part I
    • Understanding Imagery Part II
    • The Poet's Use of Language Part I
    • The Poet's Use of Language Part II
    • The Poet's Use of Language Part III
    • The Poet's Use of Language Part IV
  • Poems Prescribed for the 2012–2014 CSEC® English B Examination
  • Poems Prescribed for the 2015–2017 CSEC® English B Examination
  • Unit 3 Analysis of Poems
    • A Contemplation Upon Flowers
    • Once Upon a Time
    • God's Grandeur
    • Dreaming Black Boy
    • Epitaph
    • This is the dark time, my love
    • 'Le loupgarou'
    • To an Athlete Dying Young
    • Dulce et Decorum Est
    • Theme for English B
    • Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802
    • Because I Could Not Stop for Death The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her Son
    • Orchids
    • West Indies, U.S.A.
    • It is the Constant Image of your Face
    • A Stone's Throw
    • Test Match Sabina Park
    • Ol' Higue
    • South
    • A Lesson for this Sunday
    • Death Came to See Me in Hot Pink Pants
  • Unit 4 Exam Preparation and Practice
    • Poems Grouped Together According to Similar Themes
    • Suggested Writing Activities
    • General Tips about Essay Writing
    • Tips on Writing the Comparative Essay
    • Sample Questions and Essays
    • Examination Tips for Paper 2, Section B
    • Possible Exam Questions
    • Examination Tips for Paper 1, Section B
    • Practice Questions
  • Biographical Notes
  • Classes of Poetry
  • Glossary of Literary Terms
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography
  • Backcover
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