Macmillan Education
Night of the Indigo
Michael Holgate
Night of the Indigo
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An emotional science-fiction eBook mystery from the Macmillan Caribbean Island Fiction Series for teenagers. Marassa, a 15 year old Jamaican boy, is catapulted into a wondrous world of Natural Mysticism. His twin brother Wico is dying and no doctor on earth can save him. Guided by Kundo, the mystic warrior, Marassa transcends time and matter into an unknown dimension, a planet called Orunda. If he accepts his responsibility as a Marshal or 'Warrior of Light' he can rescue his brother from the clutches of death. But first he must make a spine-tingling journey, confront the challenges of mind and spirit and meet the beautiful and exotic princess Ayoka. As his mystic gifts awaken, Marassa must learn to master the very power that threatens, before the Night of the Indigo Moon. Can he overcome all obstacles and prove that he is worthy of the name Marshal?

Title Page
Copyright Page
1 In From the Cold
2 Running Into Shadows
3 Strange But Blue
4 Falling Houses
5 Turning Blue
6 Dream Time
7 Caved In
8 Shifting Worlds
9 Crossing By Light
10 Dreamscape
11 Memories and Nightmares
12 The Banquet
13 Sword and Dance
14 A Healing Storm
15 The Race of Faith
16 Temple of Dreams
17 Stone of Light
18 Words of Light
19 A Marshal’s Heart
20 Shani’s Secret
21 The Indigo Moon
22 Warrior of Light
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