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Trouble Tree
J Hill Porter
Trouble Tree
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Who shot Ben Cumberbatch in the head, and why? Who killed his father? Were the two murderous assaults connected? And how did Ben's Bajan uncle Clarence come to fall off a cliff? Was the fire that razed Glenville House caused by accident - or by arson? Would Ben ever recover his memory and work out why his harmless family was being slowly eliminated, one by one? At the time he was shot, Ben was a detective in the Arson Squad of the New York Police Department. But his investigations into a string of mysterious occurrences kept leading him back to his family's black and redleg origins in Barbados, where rape and slaughter had founded the Glenville fortunes. Along the way, Ben renewed childhood acquaintances, made new enemies, risked death and disaster, and rediscovered the love of his life.Please note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

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Prologue – Before Midnight
Prologue – After Midnight
Kings County Hospital 23 June to 19 July 1996
Wickham Institute I July to August 1996
My Journal: My family Brooklyn, 1955 to 1996
Wickham Institute II August to September 1996
My Journal: My first Bajan summer Barbados, 1969
Wickham Institute III October 1996
My Journal: The last Bajan summer Barbados, 1972
Wickham Institute IV December 1996
The Daily Reports
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