Oxford IB Course Preparation: Psychology for IB Diploma Course Preparation

Oxford IB Course Preparation: Psychology for IB Diploma Course Preparation

By Darren Seath, Lee Parker
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Book Description

Directly linked to Oxford's bestselling DP Psychology resources, this new Course Preparation resource thoroughly prepares students to meet the demands of IB Diploma Programme Psychology. Ideal for students who have studied non-IB courses at pre-16 level, the text introduces learners to the IB approach, terminology and skills.

The focus for this resource is to build understanding of the key concepts and skills and use the DP content to introduce and articulate the bigger concepts and skills so that students are prepared for their Diploma course. Topics and concepts will be introduced and covered using reals world examples, case studies and applications. Content will be formally scaffolded to help students both build skills and content knowledge so that they are well prepared for their course and absorb
DP knowledge more effectively.

This book does not replace the course book content for DP but is in line with the latest DP syllabus updates including assessment details, subject terminology and syllabus content.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction to the Diploma Programme
  • 1 Concepts in psychological research
    • Concept One: Using the scientific method
    • Concept Two: Ethical research
    • Concept Three: Research methods
    • Concept Four: Research quality
  • 2 Concepts in biological psychology
    • Concept One: Biological reasons for behaviour
    • Concept Two: Behaviour can be inherited
    • Concept Three: Animal research
  • 3 Concepts in cognitive psychology
    • Concept One: Mental representations guide behaviour
    • Concept Two: Humans are active processors of information
    • Concept Three: Biological and sociocultural factors
    • Concept Four: Digital technology is reshaping your brain
  • 4 Concepts in sociocultural psychology
    • Concept One: Social influence
    • Concept Two: Culture and cultural norms
    • Concept Three: Globalization and the interaction of cultures
  • 5 Concepts in applied psychology
      • Concept One: Normality
      • Concept Two: Diagnosis
      • Concept Three: Etiology
      • Concept One: Maturation
      • Concept Two: Learning
      • Concept Three: Attachment
      • Concept One: Wellness
      • Concept Two: Health problems
      • Concept Three: Health promotion
      • Concept One: Love
      • Concept Two: Communication
      • Concept Three: Helping
  • 6 Assessments—how to show your understanding
    • Introduction
    • Assessment
    • What counts as evidence in psychology?
    • How to show your understanding
    • Taking it to the next level
    • Short answer responses and essay responses
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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