Oxford IB Prepared: Geography: IB Diploma Programme

Oxford IB Prepared: Geography: IB Diploma Programme

By Garrett Nagle, Anthony Gillett
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Book Description

IB Prepared resources are developed directly with the IB to provide the most up-to-date, authentic and authoritative guidance on DP assessment. IB Prepared: Geography combines a concise review of course content with strategic guidance, past paper material and exam-style practice opportunities, allowing learners to consolidate the knowledge and skills that are essential to success.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Option A: Freshwater
    • A.1 Drainage basin hydrology and geomorphology
    • A.2 Flooding and flood mitigation
    • A.3 Water scarcity and water quality
    • A.4 Water management futures
    • Question practice
  • Option B: Oceans and coastal margins
    • B.1 Ocean–atmosphere interactions
    • B.2 Interactions between oceans and coastal places
    • B.3 Managing coastal margins
    • B.4 Ocean management futures
    • Question practice
  • Option C: Extreme environments
    • C.1 The characteristics of extreme environments
    • C.2 Physical processes and landscapes
    • C.3 Managing extreme environments
    • C.4 Extreme environments’ futures
    • Question practice
  • Option D: Geophysical hazards
    • D.1 Geophysical systems
    • D.2 Geophysical hazard risks
    • D.3 Hazard risk and vulnerability
    • D.4 Future resilience and adaptation
    • Question practice
  • Option E: Leisure, tourism and sport
    • E.1 Changing leisure patterns
    • E.2 Tourism and sport at the local and national scale
    • E.3 Tourism and sport at the international scale
    • E.4 Managing tourism and sport for the future
    • Question practice
  • Option F: Food and health
    • F.1 Measuring food and health
    • F.2 Food systems and spread of diseases
    • F.3 Stakeholders in food and health
    • F.4 Future health and food security and sustainability
    • Question practice
  • Option G: Urban environments
    • G.1 The variety of urban environments
    • G.2 Changing urban systems
    • G.3 Urban environmental and social stresses
    • G.4 Building sustainable urban systems for the future
    • Question practice
  • Unit 1: Changing population
    • 1.1 Population and economic development patterns
    • 1.2 Changing populations and places
    • 1.3 Challenges and opportunities
    • Question practice
  • Unit 2: Global climate—vulnerability and resilience
    • 2.1 The causes of global climate change
    • 2.2 The consequences of global climate change
    • 2.3 Responding to global climate change
    • Question practice
  • Unit 3: Global resource consumption and security
    • 3.1 Global trends in consumption
    • 3.2 Impacts of changing trends in resource consumption
    • 3.3 Resource stewardship
    • Question practice
  • Unit 4: Power, places and networks (HL only)
    • 4.1 Global interactions and global power
    • 4.2 Global networks and flows
    • 4.3 Human and physical influences on global interactions
    • Question practice
  • Unit 5: Human development and diversity (HL only)
    • 5.1 Development opportunities
    • 5.2 Changing identities and cultures
    • 5.3 Local responses to global interactions
    • Question practice
  • Unit 6: Global risks and resilience (HL only)
    • 6.1 Geopolitical and economic risks
    • 6.2 Environmental risks
    • 6.3 Local and global resilience
    • Question practice
  • Internal assessment
  • Practice exam papers
  • Index
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