Willy Reilly The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

Willy Reilly The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

By William Carleton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Illustrated by M. L. Flanery
  • List of Illustrations
  • CHAPTER I.—An Adventure and an Escape.
  • CHAPTER II. The Cooleen Baum.
  • CHAPTER III.—Daring Attempt of the Red Rapparee
    • —Mysterious Disappearance of His Gang—The Avowal
  • CHAPTER IV.—His Rival makes his Appearance, and its Consequences
    • —A Sapient Project for our Hero's Conversion
  • CHAPTER V.—The Plot and the Victims.
  • CHAPTER VI.—The Warning—an Escape
  • CHAPTER VII.—An Accidental Incident favorable to Reilly
    • —And a Curious Conversation
  • CHAPTER VIII.—A Conflagration—An Escape—And an Adventure
  • CHAPTER IX.—A Prospect of Bygone Times
  • CHAPTER X.—Scenes that took place in the Mountain Cave
  • CHAPTEE XI.—The Squire's Dinner and his Guests.
  • CHAPTEE XII.—Sir Robert Meets a Brother Sportsman
    • —Draws his Nets, but Catches Nothing.
  • CHAPTER XIII.—Reilly is Taken, but Connived at by the Sheriff
    • —The Mountain Mass
  • CHAPTER XIV.—Reilly takes Service with Squire Folliard.
  • CHAPTER XV.—More of Whitecraft's Plots and Pranks
  • CHAPTER XVI.—Sir Robert ingeniously extricates Himself out of a great Difficulty.
  • CHAPTER XVII.—Awful Conduct of Squire Folliard
    • —Fergus Reilly begins to Contravene the Red Rapparee
  • CHAPTEE XVIII.—Something not very Pleasant for all Parties.
  • CHAPTER XIX.—Reilly's Disguise Penetrated
  • CHAPTER XX.—The Rapparee Secured
    • —Reilly and the Cooleen Bawn Escape, and are Captured.
  • CHAPTER XXI.—Sir Robert Accepts of an Invitation.
  • CHAPTER XXII.—The Squire Comforts Whitecraft in his Affliction.
  • CHAPTER XXIII.—The Squire becomes Theological and a Proselytizer, but signally fails.
  • CHAPTER XXIV.—Jury of the Olden Time
    • —Preparations—The Scales of Justice.
  • CHAPTER XXV.—Reilly stands his Trial
    • Rumor of Cooleen Bawn's Treachery—How it appears—Conclusion.
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