The pleasant historie of the conquest of the VVeast India, now called new Spayne atchieued by the vvorthy Prince Hernando Cortes, marques of the Valley of Huaxacac, most delectable to reade

The pleasant historie of the conquest of the VVeast India, now called new Spayne atchieued by the vvorthy Prince Hernando Cortes, marques of the Valley of Huaxacac, most delectable to reade

By Francisco López de Gómara
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Table of Contents
  • Crónica de la Nueva España. English
  • Preface
  • The Byrth and lynage of Hernando Cortez.
  • The age of Cortez vvhen he passed into India.
  • The time that Cortez abode in Santo Domingo.
  • Things that happened to Cortez in the Ilande of Cuba.
  • The discouerie of nevv Spayne.
  • The Inuentorie of the treasure that Grijalua brought for his wares.
    • The Inuentory.
    • The Inuentorie of the Spanish Merchandise.
  • The determination of Cortez to prepare a Nauie for discouerie.
  • The nauie and men that Cortez caried with him to the Conquest.
  • The Oration that Cortez made to his Souldiers.
  • The entrance of Cortez into the Iland of Acusamill.
  • The Indians of Acusamil gaue nevves to Cortez of certaine bearded men.
  • A miraculous chaunce hovv Geronimo de Aguilao came to Cortez.
  • The Iland of Acusamil.
  • The religion of the people of Acusamil.
  • The Battell and vvinning of Potonchan.
  • The Battell of Cintla.
  • The Lord Tauasco submitteth himselfe to the Christians.
  • Certaine questions that Cortez demaunded of the Cacike Tauasco.
  • Hovv the Indians of Potonchan brake downe their Idols, and worshipped Christ crucified.
  • The good entertainement that Cortez had in Saint Iohn de Vlhua.
  • The talke of Cortez vvith Teudilli.
  • The present and ansvvere that Mutezuma sente vnto Cortez.
  • Hovv Cortez knevv of discorde and dissention to be in the Countrey.
  • Hovv Cortez vvent to suruey the Countrey with foure hundreth men.
  • Hovv Cortez rendred vp his charge and office with pollicie.
  • Hovv the soudiours chose Cortez for Captaine generall, and chiefe ruler in Iustice.
  • The receiuing of Cortez into Zempoallan.
  • The talke that the Lorde of Zempoallan had with Cortez.
  • Things that happened to Cortez in Chiauiztlan.
  • The messages sent by Cortez vnto Mutezuma.
  • The confederacy and rebellion done by the industrie of Cortez.
  • The foundation of the riche Towne called Vera Crux.
  • Hovv Cortez tooke by force of armes Tizapansinca.
  • The presents that Cortez sent to the Emperour for his fifte.
    • Inuentary.
  • Letters from the army and magistrates of the new towne directed to the Emperour.
  • An vproare among the souldiers against Cortez, and the punishment for the same.
  • Cortez caused all his Shippes to be sunke, and broken vpon the shore, a most worthy facte.
  • Hovv the inhabitants of Zempoallan brake downe their Idolles.
  • Hovv Olintlec exalted the mightie power of Mutezuma.
  • The first encounter that Cortez had with the men of Tlaxcallan.
  • Hovv there ioyned a hundred and fiftie thousand men against Cortez.
  • The threatning of the Indian campe agaynst the Spanyardes.
  • Hovv Cortez cut off the handes of fiftie Indian espies.
  • An embassage that Mutezuma sente to Hernando Cortez.
  • Hovv Cortez vvan a great Citie called Zimpanzinco.
  • The desire that some of the Spanyardes had to leaue the warres.
  • The Oration made by Cortez to his Souldiers.
  • Hovv Xicotencatl came for Embassadour to Cortez his Campe.
  • The receyuing and entertaynement of Cortez in Tlaxcallan.
  • The description of Tlaxcallan.
  • The aunsvvere of the Tlaxcaltecas touching the leauing of their Idolles.
  • The discord betvveene the Mexicans and Tlaxcaltecas.
  • The solemne receyuing of the Spanyardes into Chololla.
  • The conspiracie of the Cholollans to kill Cortes and his men.
  • The punishment that Cortez executed for conspiracie.
  • The Sanctuary or holy place among the Indians was Chololla.
  • The hill called Popocatepec.
  • The consultation that Mutezuma had, concerning the comming of Cortez into Mexico.
  • Things that happened to Cortez in his iourney to Mexico.
  • The Solemne pompe vvherevvith Cortez was receyued into Mexico.
  • The Oration of Mutezuma to the Spanyardes.
  • The Maiestie and order, vvherevvith Mutezuma was serued.
  • The footeplayers that played before Mutezuma.
  • The Tennis play in Mexico.
  • The number of vviues that Mutezuma had in his house.
  • A house of Foule, vvhiche vvere onely preserued for their feathers.
  • A house of foule for havvking and other straunge things.
  • The Armory of Mutezuma.
  • The Gardens of Mutezuma.
  • The court and Guarde of Mutezuma.
  • The great subiection of the Indians to their King.
  • The scituation of Mexico.
  • The Market place of Mexico.
  • The great Temple of Mexico.
  • The Idols of Mexico.
  • The Charnell house or place of dead mens sculles for remembrance of death.
  • Hovv Cortez tooke Mutezuma prisoner.
  • The recreation of Hunting, vvhiche Mutezuma vsed.
  • Hovv Cortez began to plucke dovvne the Idols of Mexico.
  • The exhortation that Cortez made to Mutezuma and to the Citizens of Mexico, concerning their Idols.
  • The burning of the Lorde Qualpopoca and other Gentlemen.
  • The cause of the burnyng of Qualpopoca.
  • Hovv Cortez put a payre of giues on Mutezuma his legges.
  • Hovv Cortez sent to seeke for Mines of golde into diuers places.
  • The imprisonment of Cacama, King of Tezcuco.
  • The Oration that Mutezuma made vnto his Noble men, yeelding himselfe to the King of Castile.
  • The Golde and Ievvels that Mutezuma gaue vnto Cortes for tribute.
  • Hovv Mutezuma required Cortez to departe from Mexico.
  • The feare that our men stoode in to be sacrifised.
  • Hovv Iames Velasques sent Pamfilo de Naruaiz against Cortes.
  • The substance of a letter that Cortez wrote vnto Naruaez.
  • The talke of Naruaez to the Indians, and his answere to Cortes.
  • The talke that Cortes had vvith his owne Souldiers.
  • The requests of Cortez to Mutezuma.
  • The imprisonment of Pamfilo de Naruaez.
  • The Rebellion of Mexico against Cortes.
  • The causes of the Rebellion.
  • The threatenings of the Mexicans agaynst the Spaniardes.
  • The great extremitie and daunger that our men were put in by the Mexicans.
  • The death of Mutezuma.
  • The combat betvveene the Spaniardes and the Indians.
  • Hovv the Mexicans refused the offer of peace made by Cortez.
  • Hovve Cortez fledde from Mexico.
  • The battayle of Otumpan, a notable victory.
  • The entertaynement vvhiche the Spaniardes had in Tlaxcallan.
  • The protestation and request of the Souldyers to Cortes.
  • The Oration made by Cortez in answere to his Souldyers demaunde.
  • The vvarres of Tepeacac.
  • The great auctoritie that Cortez had among the Indians.
  • The Vergantines that Cortez commaunded to be built, and the Spaniardes which he had ioyned togither to besiege Mexico.
  • The exhortation of Cortez to his Souldiers.
  • The exhortation made by Cortez to the Indians of Tlaxcallan.
  • Hovv Cortez tooke Tezcuco.
  • The Spaniardes vvhich vvere sacrificed in Tezcuco.
  • Hovv the Vergantines vvere brought frō Tlaxcall to Tezcuco.
  • Of the Docke or trench vvhich was made to launch, the Vergantines.
  • The order of the host and army of Cortes for to beseege Mexico.
  • The Battaile and victory of the Vergantines against the Canoas.
  • Hovv Cortez besieged Mexico.
  • The first skirmishe vvithin the cittie of Mexico.
  • The great hurt and dammage in the houses of Mexico with fire.
  • Things that happened to Pedro de Aluarado through his bolde attempt.
  • The tryumph and sacrifice vvhich the Mexicans made for their victorie.
  • The determination of Cortez to destroy the citie of Mexico.
  • The hunger and infirmitie vvhich the Mexicans suffered with greate courage.
  • The imprisonment of Quahutemoc.
  • The taking of Mexico.
  • Maruellous signes and tokens of the destruction of Mexico.
  • The building vp agayne of Mexico.
  • Hovv the Emperour sent to take accompt of Cortes of his gouernement in the newe Spayne.
  • The death of the Licenciat Luys Ponce.
  • Hovv Cortez came into Spayne.
  • The honour vvhiche the Emperour shewed vnto Hernando Cortes, with rewarde.
  • The Mariage of Cortez.
  • Hovv the Chancery vvas first placed in Mexico, and certayne Diuelishe pretences wrought against Cortes.
  • The returne of Cortez to Mexico.
  • The letters that the Indians vsed in Mexican.
    • The order hovv to recken.
  • The Mexican yeare.
    • The names of the moneths.
    • The names of dayes.
    • The accounting of yeares.
  • The Indians beleeued that fiue ages were past, which they called Sunnes.
  • The nation of the Indians called Chichimecas.
  • The Coronation of the Kings of Mexico.
  • The opinion of the Mexicans concerning the Soule.
  • The buriall of Kings in Mexico.
  • The order of buriall of the Kings of Michuacan.
  • The order of Matrimony among the Indians.
  • Of the Iudges and order of Iustice.
  • The order of cruell Sacrifice vsed among the Indians.
  • The order of certaine religious women.
  • Hovv the Diuell appeared to the Indians.
  • The Viceroys of Mexico.
  • The conuersion of the Indians.
  • The death of Hernando Cortes.
  • A Table expressyng the Chapiters vvhiche are conteyned in this Historie.
  • Transcriber's Endnote
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