Benefits & Features
BookFusion Digital Library technology can be used by schools, NGOs, business, and public libraries to facilitate controlled lending of eBooks various formats including audio-books, video embedded eBooks, interactive eBooks, journals, and periodicals to approved users.
Feature multiple platforms

Multiple Platforms

Give readers flexibility to read their eBooks on the device of their choice.
Feature distribute


Easily distribute your eBooks to your employees or members of your organization via email or coupon codes.
Feature centrally manage

Centrally Manage

Grant or revoke access to entire books or specific users. Quickly add and easily manage your eBook collection.
Feature cost effective

Cost Effective

No costs associated with building or maintaining a custom application. Tablets and computers can be used by multiple individuals across all age groups to access your catalogue.
Feature digital library

Digital Library

Create your own private digital library to give members of your organization access to your content.
Feature secure


Your eBooks are fully secured on both web and mobile devices. Our DRM solution uses the same encryption protocols as top tier banks and other well known technology companies.
Feature ebook formats

All Major eBook Formats

We support 10 different eBook formats which includes PDF | MOBI | EPUB. Quickly distribute your eBook regardless of the format.
Feature analytics

Deep Insights & Analytics

Gain access to the rich and insightful data on your readers. Identify who and how long they spend reading. Get quantitative data that can be used to discover titles on-demand and evaluate the impact of your initiatives. Know which books are more effective.
Feature byod


Readers will be able to access your catalogue securely 24/7 by using their own personal device.
Feature catalogue search

Catalogue Search

Provide real time and easy to search access to both your staff and patrons.