In The Time Before Time

In The Time Before Time

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Book Description

The author expresses her religious convictions and thoughts under the following themes: •The Evolution of All Things •The Spiritual Evolution Christ •Christ and Avatars •Tasks of the Angels •Tasks of the Prophets •The Role of Humanity •The Joys and Pain of Suffering •God the Father •Christ the Son •The Comforter •Salvation from our Sins •The Universal Laws •In Death and Resurrection

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • 1. The Evolution of All Things
  • 2. The Spiritual Evolution
  • 3. Christ and the Avatars
  • 4. Tasks of the Angels
  • 5. Tasks of the Prophets
  • 6. The Role of Humanity
  • 7. The Joys and Pain of Suffering
  • 8. God the Father
  • 9. Christ the Son
  • 10.The Comforter
  • 11. Salvation from Our Sins
  • 12. The Universal Laws
  • 13. In Death and Resurrection
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