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Easily distribute and share books with members of your organization for businesses, non-profits and schools.

BookFusion for Publishers & Authors

Earn more while keeping all rights to your content and discovering a new audience.

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Upload books that you already own. Read and share them with your family and friends.


Find your next great read by accessing the global library of other users.


Upcoming. The ultimate social eBook experience that allows you to discover the eBook activities being made in your network and the bookshelves of friends and family.


Get free access to over 50,000+ books and growing daily. Integrate your personal library seamlessly with books by your favorite authors and publishers from our store.

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Upcoming. Easily borrow and loan eBooks the same way you would a physical book.


Bookmarks, comments & highlights are synced across all your devices. Continue exactly where you left off when you switch devices, never losing track of your progress.

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Read your eBooks with any mobile device - your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Your eBooks will be where you are on the device you choose!