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Colin Pritchard
BookFusion is a great eBook app. It has a lot of really excellent nice features that makes Apple's Books app look like garbage. The thing I love the most about this app though is that the support team and the devs listen – they have a Discord where you can submit bugs and get support. If you tell them about an issue, it is often fixed in the next build.
I’ve been wanting a service like this since forever. It handles both ePub and pdf. There’s a browser companion and my current reading position is synced between devices.
Genie E.
I love BookFusion so much. I was trying to find a solution that would easily allow me to organize my ebook collection alongside my fanfic collection through Calibre, and was thrilled when I found BookFusion. It worked great on web and was so easy and pleasant to use on mobile. NOW BOOKSHELVES ARE ON MOBILE!!! Please forgive my all caps, but I’m in love. They work so great! It makes finding stories I want to read soooo much easier and I’m just thrilled. Thanks for fulfilling this promise, BookFusion team!
Die App hat einen richtig großen Fortschritt gemacht und schlägt von der UX her fast schon Apple Books oder Google Play Books.
Die Entwickler der App sind sehr nett und arbeiten immer noch an weiteren Features & Verbesserungen.
Die Bezahlversion ist das Geld vollkommen wert! Ea gibt aber auch eine kostenlose Version.
I'm traveling while going to UNI and this a great app to manage my epub/PDF's. I'm going to keep using it for another week or two and then, if it works well for me, upgrade to the pro membersip. I like to support independent app developers with sustainable business models.
The BookFusion user experience is way better than kindle. The ability to organize books (via tags, publisher, collection), markup your books (with highlights and notes, which you can access separately), and then synchronize everything between the mobile and desktop apps make this feel like a complete ebook library experience. This is especially important if you plan on adding PDFs and other non-Amazon book formats to your library. The fact that BF also allows you to sync your Calibre library seamlessly makes this a no brainer decision for an e-reader. (Although, I hope that they provide two-way syncs in the future).
And to top it all off, they have a responsive dev team that is dedicated to fixing issues quickly. I’ve experienced 2 minor bugs that the team addressed in a matter of days. (Although these issues did not take away from the reading experience, it definitely helped settle my OCD…)
Thumbs up to the BF team!
Just love this application. Have tried them all and no one gets close that also allow you to read your own books, no matter the device or operating system. The community and developers are very active. I predict a bright future for this app
Great service and responsive devs in the dedicated discord! Having my books, reading progress, and highlights available everywhere is really a treat. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!
You can read books on any device, online or on the app. When calibre companion failed to work for me, this app works to send my books to their online library. Store, read and organize your books while using calibre library with BookFusion or just use this on its own.
Nivedha CB
Love this app! It's amazing how it drastically increased my reading time ! Kudos to the team !
Best cross platform app for reading e-books to date. Works well with android ereaders.
I use this app heavily and have found it reliable and a joy to work with. The tools for adjusting the appearance of the ebook view are fine grained and allow me to create my ideal view for reading. The fact that the app is also cross-platform and has a web app as well is just gravy. Kudos to the developers for building such a useful tool!
Simple and easy to use on the Android app. Absolutely loving the Standard eBooks library. I love the pages customisation options and the ability to make highlights. The beta social features are very exciting as well! Can't wait to borrow and share more ebooks with friends.
What an incredible app. If you've been struggling to find an e-reader that seamlessly syncs across devices, allows you to make highlights along with notes, opens every book format, and allow all the necessary features like theme, text style, screen lock, vertical scrolling, then this is the app for you. I've searched far and wide, shuffled through many apps, but this one has to be the winner. Go for it!
Aleksandra Aniciete
This one's the best ebook reader app I could find on play store! Thanks :))
Michael Kelly
Absolutely love BookFusion. BookFusion lets me connect my books to my devices to read them anywhere without any issues across iOS and Android, allowing me to read books and keep them in sync across whatever devices I want, wherever I go. I can read offline, share books with friends, and even connect to calibre to import books directly. It has a clean look regardless of what I'm reading on. To top it off, the developers are amazing and active, and keep adding new features! Can't recommend enough!
Loris Tonni
Mi sembra un'app fatta molto bene: è personalizzabile e stabile. Inoltre da la possibilità di caricare e mantenere aggiornati 15 libri sul Cloud e quindi su diversi dispositivi gratuitamente (l'unica che ho trovato che fornisce questa feature gratis). Consigliatissima!
Karthik Pillai
This is an amazing app! Thank you so much developers for building such an amazing and easy to use application.
I’ve been using BookFusion for a couple of years and I’ve been fortunate enough to see this app grow into the ideal ebook reader. I can sync across all my devices (android phone, iPad and desktop), manage my highlights and share them, upload all my ebooks and magazines into one shelf and even sync all my stuff from Calibre.
I’ve been enjoying it and the developers have been really helpful in their responses and improving the UX with updates.
Keep up the great work!
Andrew Splin
This app is amazing! I can read on my phone or pc, in scrolling mode/normal mode, different spacing, text size, font, color backgrounds, it has outlines, etc. It has everything you’d ever want, give it a shot
I like having my full library open to me at all times and on all devices. This allows me to export my Calibre library to a cloud location by using its Calibre plugin. Once configured, I’m good to go.
And as a side note, the developers are very open to feedback. I made a suggestion on how to improve the app and about a week later, I noticed that they implemented the change. Awesome
Aaron Scully
Really good reader, even better than Google Play Books. It allows you to upload your own epub, mobi and even PDF books and then syncs the reading position of each book across devices. Offers different reading themes, such as a dark theme and a ton of other options. The developer is responsive and fixes issues. Another great thing is that the app works on older versions of Android, including my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Highly recommended!
The best ePub reader there is on iOS and lots of exciting features coming in the future
Neil Jorgensen
I’ve tried ALL the readers I could find that supposedly offer cross-platform support and this is the only one that truly delivers. Kindle is close but doesn’t support desktop sync for sideloaded books. Google books is close but doesn’t work in China where all things Google are blocked and where I travel frequently for business. Bluefire doesn’t play well with Kindle fire. Pretty much everything else only supports a couple of platforms, and I need something that works in iOS, Android (Kindle Fire), windows, and Linux. Between their dedicated apps and webreader, BookFusion works on ALL my devices to read and sync positions.
While it may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the more popular e-readers, it does exactly what I need.
And as an additional shout-out to the dev team, after finding and reporting a minor bug I got an email response back from them the next day stating they had identified the problem and would have it fixed in 3 days.
Steph CN
I love the send to kindle feature. It works excellent and I loved how it can sync with calibre.
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