Ethical Perspectives for Caribbean Business

Ethical Perspectives for Caribbean Business

By NOEL M .COWELL et al. (Editors)
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True Caribbean development demands a substantial move in the direction of a consensus among social classes and social groups about the core values that define Caribbean society and which will underpin the growth and development of a just society. The concept of just society is seductive but somewhat elusive to define. For policy makers and social planners it embodies interrelated concepts such as fairness, safety and personal freedom, respect for the individual human being, equality of opportunity, a minimum standard of welfare for all as well as the protection of the most vulnerable.
Ethical Perspectives for Caribbean Business rather ambitiously aspires to contribute to stemming the moral decline faced by Caribbean political governance, business and society. It is ambitious because this is a huge and intractable problem that is influenced by a plethora of forces, both historical and contemporary, both global and regional. Most of the work included in this book is not the work of moral philosophers or even philosophers; rather it is the work of social scientists of various disciplines who are concerned and have thought deeply about the problems of their society.
This volume does not pretend to provide definitive answers to the ethical questions that management students will face when they make the transition from school to work. It has however, raised a number of important issues, has sought to provide ways of thinking about them and has provided some incremental knowledge to help those who face moral dilemmas in business now or will do so in the future. The hope is that it will contribute to renewed thinking among management trainees – in particular about these important issues.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyrights
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1    Ethics and Morality: Critical Exploration of Western and African Philosophical Perspectives
  • 2    Whose Truth? Whose Values? The Case for Natural Law Ethics
  • 3    What is an Economy for? Morality and the Economic Order
  • 4    The Ethics of Social Exclusion
  • 5    Business Ethics in Jamaica and the Problem of Extortion by Counter Societies
  • 6    Transparency in the International Investment Process
  • 7    Ethics and Development: The Public-Private Interface
  • 8    Ethics and Corporate Governance in Jamaica
  • 9    Bridging the Gap: Ethics, Social Capital and Economic Accumulation in Jamaica
  • 10  Ethics and the Failure of Self-regulation: The Case of the Accounting Profession in Jamaica
  • 11  Contemporary Ethical Dynamics in Scientific Research: The Case of the Physical Sciences
  • 12  Ethical Issues of Negotiation: Deception, Code Switching, and Negotiation Tactics in the Jamaican Context
  • 13  Ethics at the Workplace: A Survey of Ethical Propensities of UWI Students and HRM Professionals
  • 14  The Brown Paper Bag: Personal Encounters with Ethics in Business
  • Index
  • Biographies
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