The Chimera's Curse

The Chimera's Curse

By Julia Goulding
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Book Description

The Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures is facing their most deadly threat.

Connie is the only member of the society who can keep peace between humans and the hidden mythical beings that are being destroyed by our pollution. But the shapeshifter Kullervo craves her power. He wants to use it to wipe out all of humanity.

During the long, hot summer, Kullervo prepares for war. The serpent-like chimera is just one part of his frightening army. As Kullervo's hatred blazes into life, Connie and her best friend Col must stop him. But how? And who will survive this fight to the death?

Perfect for fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this is a classic adventure story with a very modern twist!

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Chapter One Hunt
  • Chapter Two Fire Imps
  • Chapter Three Devil’s Tooth
  • Chapter Four Bite, Burn, or Venom?
  • Chapter Five Unicorn
  • Chapter Six Playing with Fire
  • Chapter Seven Guy de Chauliac
  • Chapter Eight Alone
  • Chapter Nine Testing Times
  • Chapter Ten Candles
  • Chapter Eleven Portcullis
  • Chapter Twelve Kelpies
  • Chapter Thirteen Trap
  • Chapter Fourteen Challenge
  • Chapter Fifteen Voice from the Past
  • Chapter Sixteen Human Companion
  • Chapter Seventeen Return to the Elements
  • Chapter Eighteen The Company of the Universals
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