What is BookFusion?

BookFusion is a next generation application that allows users to read, organize and share their eBooks across any device and so much more.

Our mission is revolutionize the way we read and interact with eBooks today by making reading eBooks easy, social, engaging and open across all devices.

Why We Do It?

At BookFusion we are also readers and shares the same believes as you.
We believe :

  1. eBooks should be no different than physical books.
  2. Readers should have the ability to share eBooks in the same way they would share a physical book.
  3. Readers should not be forced to use a specific device.
  4. Readers should be able to share their rich experiences from eBooks with friends.
  5. Reading eBooks should be as seamless as taking up a book.
  6. Lots more ;) ..keep checking our blog for updates.