Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas

Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas

By George Joyce Olin
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Table of Contents
  • MAMMALS of the southwest MOUNTAINS and MESAS
    • Notes
    • Geographic Limitations
    • Westward Ho
    • Mountains as Wildlife Reservoirs
    • Desert “Islands”
    • Life Zones
    • Man and Wilderness
    • Classification of Animals
  • HOOFED ANIMALS Artiodactyla (even-toed hoofed animals)
    • Bighorn (mountain sheep) Ovis canadensis (Latin: a sheep from Canada)
    • Pronghorn (antelope) Antilocapra americana (Latin: antelope and goat, American)
    • Bison (buffalo) Bison bison (Teutonic name given to this animal)
    • Mule deer Odocoileus hemionus (Greek: odous, tooth and koilus, hollow. Greek: hemionus, mule)
    • White-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus (Greek: odous, tooth and koilus, hollow. Latin: of Virginia)
    • Elk Cervus canadensis (Latin: stag or deer, from Canada)
  • RODENTS Including the Lagomorphs (hares and pikas)
    • Snowshoe hare Lepus americanus (Latin: hare ... of America)
    • White-tailed jackrabbit Lepus townsendi (Latin: hare ... for J. K. Townsend)
    • Mountain cottontail Sylvilagus nuttalli (Latin: sylva, wood and Greek: lagos, hare. For Nuttal)
    • Pika Ochotona princeps (Mongol name of pika ... Latin: chief)
    • Tassel-eared squirrel (Abert’s) Sciurus aberti (Latin: shade-tail ... for Col. J. J. Abert)
    • Kaibab squirrel Sciurus kaibabensis (Latin: shade-tail ... from the Kaibab, a forest in northern Arizona)
    • Arizona gray squirrel Sciurus arizonensis (Latin: shade-tail ... of Arizona)
    • Spruce squirrel, Pine squirrel (DOUGLAS SQUIRREL, CHICKAREE) Tamiasciurus hudsonicus fremonti (Greek: tamia, steward and Latin: sciurus, shade-tail ... of the Hudson, named after Fremont)
    • Northern flying squirrel Glaucomys sabrinus (Greek: glauco, silvery and Greek: mys, mouse)
    • Western chipmunks Genus Eutamias (Greek: eu, well or good and tamias, steward)
    • Golden-mantled ground squirrel Citellus lateralis (Latin: citellus, swift, and lateralis, belonging to the side, referring to the stripe along the side)
    • White-tailed prairie dog Cynomys gunnisoni (Greek: kun, a dog and mys, mouse ... for Captain Gunnison whose expedition took the type)
    • Yellow-bellied marmot (woodchuck) Marmota flaviventris (Marmota, Dutch name of European species of woodchuck. Latin: flavus, yellow, and venter, belly)
    • Deermouse (white-footed mouse) The genus Peromyscus (Greek: pera, pouch, and muscus, diminutive of mys, mouse)
    • Mountain vole Microtus montanus (Latin: small ear ... of the mountains)
    • Western jumping mouse Zapus princeps (Greek: za, intensive and pous, foot. Latin: princeps, chief)
    • Bushy-tailed woodrat Neotoma cinerea (Greek: neos, new and temnien, to cut ... Latin: cinereus, ashy)
    • Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus (French Canadian word from the Iroquois and Huron Indian word for muskrat. Latin: the odorous substance of the civet alluding to the musk secreted by the muskrat)
    • Beaver Castor canadensis (Latin: a beaver ... from Canada)
    • Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum (Greek: to irritate in allusion to the quills and Latin: pertaining to the back)
    • Northern pocket gopher Thomomys talpoides (Greek: thomos, a heap and mys, mouse. Latin: talpa, a mole)
  • CARNIVORES Including the Insectivores and Chiropterans
    • Mountain lion Felis concolor (Latin: a cat of the same color; referring no doubt to the smooth blending of the body coloration)
    • Bobcat Lynx rufus (Latin: name of animal, and rufus, reddish)
    • Red fox Vulpes fulva (Latin: a fox ... fulva, meaning deep yellow or tawny)
    • Gray wolf Canis lupus (Latin: dog ... a wolf)
    • Coyote Canis latrans (Latin: dog ... barking)
    • Wolverine Gulo luscus (Latin: having to do with the throat ... one eyed; purblind)
    • Marten Martes americana (Latin: a marten ... America)
    • River otter Lutra canadensis (Latin: otter ... of Canada)
    • Mink Mustela vison (Latin: weasel ... forceful, powerful)
    • Short-tailed weasel (ermine) Mustela erminea (Latin: weasel ... from the fur ermine)
    • Spotted skunk Spilogale gracilis (Greek: spilos, spot and gale, weasel ... gracilis, Latin: slender)
    • Striped skunk Mephitis mephitis (Latin: a pestilential exhalation)
    • Black bear Euarctos americanus (Latin: a bear ... of America)
    • Grizzly bear Ursus horribilis (Latin: a bear ... horrible)
    • Vagrant shrew Sorex vagrans (Latin: a shrew ... wandering)
    • Bats Order Chiroptera (Latin: chir, hand, and optera, wing)
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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