Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas
George Joyce Olin
Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas
MAMMALS of the southwest MOUNTAINS and MESAS
Geographic Limitations
Westward Ho
Mountains as Wildlife Reservoirs
Desert “Islands”
Life Zones
Man and Wilderness
Classification of Animals
HOOFED ANIMALS Artiodactyla (even-toed hoofed animals)
Bighorn (mountain sheep) Ovis canadensis (Latin: a sheep from Canada)
Pronghorn (antelope) Antilocapra americana (Latin: antelope and goat, American)
Bison (buffalo) Bison bison (Teutonic name given to this animal)
Mule deer Odocoileus hemionus (Greek: odous, tooth and koilus, hollow. Greek: hemionus, mule)
White-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus (Greek: odous, tooth and koilus, hollow. Latin: of Virginia)
Elk Cervus canadensis (Latin: stag or deer, from Canada)
RODENTS Including the Lagomorphs (hares and pikas)
Snowshoe hare Lepus americanus (Latin: hare ... of America)
White-tailed jackrabbit Lepus townsendi (Latin: hare ... for J. K. Townsend)
Mountain cottontail Sylvilagus nuttalli (Latin: sylva, wood and Greek: lagos, hare. For Nuttal)
Pika Ochotona princeps (Mongol name of pika ... Latin: chief)
Tassel-eared squirrel (Abert’s) Sciurus aberti (Latin: shade-tail ... for Col. J. J. Abert)
Kaibab squirrel Sciurus kaibabensis (Latin: shade-tail ... from the Kaibab, a forest in northern Arizona)
Arizona gray squirrel Sciurus arizonensis (Latin: shade-tail ... of Arizona)
Spruce squirrel, Pine squirrel (DOUGLAS SQUIRREL, CHICKAREE) Tamiasciurus hudsonicus fremonti (Greek: tamia, steward and Latin: sciurus, shade-tail ... of the Hudson, named after Fremont)
Northern flying squirrel Glaucomys sabrinus (Greek: glauco, silvery and Greek: mys, mouse)
Western chipmunks Genus Eutamias (Greek: eu, well or good and tamias, steward)
Golden-mantled ground squirrel Citellus lateralis (Latin: citellus, swift, and lateralis, belonging to the side, referring to the stripe along the side)
White-tailed prairie dog Cynomys gunnisoni (Greek: kun, a dog and mys, mouse ... for Captain Gunnison whose expedition took the type)
Yellow-bellied marmot (woodchuck) Marmota flaviventris (Marmota, Dutch name of European species of woodchuck. Latin: flavus, yellow, and venter, belly)
Deermouse (white-footed mouse) The genus Peromyscus (Greek: pera, pouch, and muscus, diminutive of mys, mouse)
Mountain vole Microtus montanus (Latin: small ear ... of the mountains)
Western jumping mouse Zapus princeps (Greek: za, intensive and pous, foot. Latin: princeps, chief)
Bushy-tailed woodrat Neotoma cinerea (Greek: neos, new and temnien, to cut ... Latin: cinereus, ashy)
Muskrat Ondatra zibethicus (French Canadian word from the Iroquois and Huron Indian word for muskrat. Latin: the odorous substance of the civet alluding to the musk secreted by the muskrat)
Beaver Castor canadensis (Latin: a beaver ... from Canada)
Porcupine Erethizon dorsatum (Greek: to irritate in allusion to the quills and Latin: pertaining to the back)
Northern pocket gopher Thomomys talpoides (Greek: thomos, a heap and mys, mouse. Latin: talpa, a mole)
CARNIVORES Including the Insectivores and Chiropterans
Mountain lion Felis concolor (Latin: a cat of the same color; referring no doubt to the smooth blending of the body coloration)
Bobcat Lynx rufus (Latin: name of animal, and rufus, reddish)
Red fox Vulpes fulva (Latin: a fox ... fulva, meaning deep yellow or tawny)
Gray wolf Canis lupus (Latin: dog ... a wolf)
Coyote Canis latrans (Latin: dog ... barking)
Wolverine Gulo luscus (Latin: having to do with the throat ... one eyed; purblind)
Marten Martes americana (Latin: a marten ... America)
River otter Lutra canadensis (Latin: otter ... of Canada)
Mink Mustela vison (Latin: weasel ... forceful, powerful)
Short-tailed weasel (ermine) Mustela erminea (Latin: weasel ... from the fur ermine)
Spotted skunk Spilogale gracilis (Greek: spilos, spot and gale, weasel ... gracilis, Latin: slender)
Striped skunk Mephitis mephitis (Latin: a pestilential exhalation)
Black bear Euarctos americanus (Latin: a bear ... of America)
Grizzly bear Ursus horribilis (Latin: a bear ... horrible)
Vagrant shrew Sorex vagrans (Latin: a shrew ... wandering)
Bats Order Chiroptera (Latin: chir, hand, and optera, wing)
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